Macross Frontier 12

Episode 12 of Macross Frontier, “Fastest Delivery”, starts off ominously, where it appears that a group of Zentraedi are itching for a fight on Gallia 4. Meanwhile, Sheryl’s transport and Alto’s fighter defold above the planet. Either Alto has never been to one or it has been a long time since he’s been to one, since he’s looking forward to flying in a real sky. (Personally, I’d love to have the chance to fly in space.)

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Macross Frontier 11

Episode 11 of Macross Frontier starts off with a commercial for the Nyan Nyan restaurant featuring Ranka. It seems that her career is indeed taking off dramatically, since many of the billboards in the city also feature her. She’s being swamped by her work in the entertainment business, with a live concert coming up in a few days. Coincidently, Alto’s birthday is also due about the same time, so she plans to give a ticket to her concert as a birthday present, although she thinks that she should also give him something else. She hardly gets to see him because of her busy schedule, though.

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No Macross for two weeks

While watching episode 10 of Macross Frontier, one little notice caught my eye:

The next episode will be broadcast on June 19, nearly two weeks away. It’s going to be a long wait. Even Ranka is feeling down because of the two week break.

Macross Frontier 10

Episode 10 of Macross Frontier starts out with the showing of a movie in a theater. Interestingly enough, the movie is apparently about the events in Macross Zero, and the episode starts out with the scene where Shin Kudo meets Sarah Nome for the first time.

Considering that it’s 50 years since the events of Macross Zero and that they were unknown during all that time, the actors are doing a remarkable job of reenacting the events down to every expression and action. The only thing weird is that some of the people are different, including Ranka Lee who is playing the role of Mao Nome, which greatly embarrasses Ranka when she sees herself on screen. Although besides Sarah and Mao Nome, the other actors don’t look out of place, including the one playing Shin. I wonder how Sheryl Nome feels about Ranka playing a relative of hers, assuming that Sheryl is indeed a descendant of one of the Nome sisters.

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