Slayers Revolution 5

Episode 5 of Slayers Revolution, “Eternal: The Eternally Slumbering Forest”, starts off in a forest with Lina and friends still chasing Pocota. Eventually they lose sight of him, but Xellos surprisingly shows up with Pocota in his hands. Pocota is no dummy and is wary of Xellos, perhaps sensing what he truly is and the power he possesses. On the other hand, Lina and friends are pretty used to Xellos by now, not even muttering a word of frustration when Xellos replies that it’s a secret when asked what he was doing there.

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Macross Frontier 16

Episode 16 of Macross Frontier, “Ranka Attack”, starts off with Alto having a flashback to his conversation with Brilla during combat with the Vajura. Brilla revealed to Alto his dream of unifying the entire galaxy as one with faster fold travel, which is currently not possible because of the fold faults that make travel too long for casual travel. It seems that the Vajura could help humanity achieve his dream somehow, although I’m not sure how this is related to the S.M.S., a private military contractor owned by Brilla. In any case, Alto is fighting against the Vajura in order to capture dead specimens for the company.

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Slayers Revolution 4

Episode 4 of Slayers Revolution, “Drifter: Which side is chasing or being chased!”, starts off with Lina and Gourry terrorizing the forest life in their search for Pocota. An exhaustive search is taking too much time, so Lina uses reverse psychology on Zelgadis, who hasn’t been doing much for the search, to get him to do the work. Zelgadis knows what she’s doing, but he participates in the search anyways, while Lina and Gourry go to a town to figure out another strategy.

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Macross Frontier 15

Episode 15 of Macross Frontier, “Lost Peace”, starts off with Grace when the Vajura fleet was awakening and she activated the fold weapon back at Gallia 4. She’s mentally talking with others who are apparently the same kind of entity she is. And apparently the SDF-04 Global was the birthplace of Grace by the way another referred to it, asking her whether it was OK for her to destroy her birthplace. Or was it referring to Gallia 4 itself? Meanwhile, after Gallia 4 is destroyed, we see an apparently secret compartment at Macross Frontier with a new replica of Grace’s body, which is about to receive a download of a new mind and awaken.

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Slayers Revolution 3

Episode 3 of Slayers Revolution, “Chase: Pursuit with No End”, starts out in the dark with a woman walking with her pet dog along the shore of a lake. For some unknown reason, the dog feels an attraction to the middle of the lake and jumps into the water.

The next day, Lina and Gourry are showing off their large appetites. And they’re eating even more ravenously than usual because they bet the one who finishes later would pay the bill for both of their meals, which is enough to feed ten normal people each. Just as Lina is about to finish, inspector Weiser shows up and restrains her hand holding the last piece of food with handcuffs, with his own hand cuffed on the other end.

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Macross Frontier 14

Episode 14 of Macross Frontier, “Mother’s Lullaby”, starts off with the destruction of Gallia 4 in the previous episode. Alto’s escape from death was less dramatic than I expected it to be. He just boosted power to the engines to escape the blast. After getting to safety, he’s pretty shocked at what’s left of Gallia 4. Of course, we all knew the planet was going to have a big chunk of itself destroyed, but at least some of it remains.

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Slayers Revolution 2

Starting from the aftermath of the destruction from the previous episode, episode 2 of Slayers Revolution, “Because It’s Lina Inverse!”, begins with Lina and friends wondering just what the heck happened. Lina is extremely pissed off, mainly because this unknown little creature stole her limelight (being blamed for what he did is just extra fodder for her temper).

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Slayers Revolution 1

It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen Slayers as a television series, where it ended with the defeat of Dark Star in Slayers Try. But it was only a few days ago that I even learned that a sequel was going to be broadcast this summer. And in this new television series Slayers Revolution, Lina and her merry crew seem to be as spunky as ever. Lina will probably blow her top with the very first scene, though, especially with them pointing out one of her inferiority complexes.

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