Macross Frontier 21

Episode 21 of Macross Frontier, “Blue Ether”, starts out with the desperate situation from the previous episode. With the president dead, Leon blames it on the Vajura and takes control of the government. The first thing he does is to order the detachment of Battle Frontier from Island One. Ozma and Cathy were running to Battle Frontier, so I hope they got there in time: the captain wasn’t inclined to follow Leon’s orders, so they might be able to convince him that Leon was responsible for the president’s death.

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Slayers Revolution 9

Episode 9 of Slayers Revolution, “Insider: One who knows the truth!”, starts off with Joconda and Deucriss watching workers (who wear suspiciously modern work clothes) work on a number of magic tanks, and they’re ready to start selling them to foreign powers. Meanwhile, inspector Weiser has arrived with the “prisoners” in tow, although Lina and company don’t really treat it seriously. In fact, a whole company of soldiers who were waiting to guard against any attempt at escape by Lina and friends are terrified of her. Their terror only increases as Lina casts a harmless but impressive looking Burst Rondo. In any case, Lina and company are willingly taken to the dungeons in Joconda’s castle.

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Anime for fall 2008

T.H.A.T. has a long writeup of the upcoming anime series for this year’s fall season. After looking through the list, I’m considering watching the following:

I’ll have to pare this list down even further to fit my available time. And given my experience so far, I probably won’t be able to blog about more than two series even if I watch more.

Slayers Revolution 8

Episode 8 of Slayers Revolution, “Hurry Up: Interrupt! No, don’t interrupt?”, starts out with Lina and friends being dumbfounded when they encounter a building missing from their maps blocking their way to Luvinagard. It’s inspector Weiser’s handwork, or at least he claims to have prepared it specifically to capture Lina. It’s obvious it’s a trap, so Lina runs headlong into it to show just how poorly traps work against her, after having failed to convince Weiser that it was the accompanying Pocota who was actually responsible for the crimes she’s blamed for. And Pocota now probably has a grudge against Weiser for being considered a ventriloquist doll.

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Macross Frontier 20

Episode 20 of Macross Frontier, “Diamond Crevasse”, starts off with the ending of the previous episode, “Triangular”, except we also get to see that Sheryl had nearly collapsed from her sickness, where Alto caught her from falling down. We also get to see Klan demanding where Michelle’s love is, after hearing him say that everyone wants someone to love.

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Macross Frontier 19

Episode 19 of Macross Frontier, “Triangular”, starts off within Ranka’s dreams, where she is lonely and unable to find her mother. Somehow her dream triggers something in Ai-kun and he runs off. He makes a detour to take a look at Brera before running off to places unknown. Although I’m suddenly wondering whether I’m mistaken in thinking of Ai-kun as a “he”.

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Slayers Revolution 7

Episode 7 of Slayers Revolution, “Gorgeous: Targeted Luxury Cruise Ship!?”, starts off on a ship. A rather luxurious cruise ship, in fact, as one would expect from the episode title. It has all the conveniences of modern cruise ships in our own world, where it even has a swimming pool. And Lina and friends get to take a ride on it on their way to Duchess Joconda’s mansion. They can afford the expensive ride with all the expensive extras thanks to Amelia, who is crying at the injustice of having to pay everything just because she’s a rich princess. Zelgadis agreeing is hardly a comfort, considering that he’s getting an expensive massage as he says so.

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Macross Frontier 18

Episode 18 of Macross Frontier, “Fold Fame”, starts from where the last episode ended, with Sheryl confronting Grace. The single question she asks is “Why?”. Why did Grace become Ranka’s manager? Why is Grace trying to keep Sheryl tied to a bed? Why is Grace making Ranka sing against the Vajura? “Why” is a good catch-all for all the implied questions. It’s revealed that Sheryl was an abandoned and homeless girl on Macross Galaxy taken in by Grace, who groomed her to be an idol. But now that Grace has Ranka, she is abandoning Sheryl and actually says that “Sheryl Nome” is going to die. I’m not sure if she meant it literally or just figuratively as the end of Sheryl’s career. In addition, I’m not sure if Sheryl’s surname actually is “Nome”, and I wonder if Sheryl got her earrings from Grace or from her actual mother.

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FriendFeed room for Macross Frontier

I’ve had a FriendFeed room for Macross Frontier set up for a while now. While it currently only shares posts from this very blog and those from the Macross Frontier staff blog (which is in Japanese), anyone is free to use the room to share anything related to Macross Frontier. I personally use it to follow the staff blog, which among other things has given me a powerful urge to get an issue of “Comp Ace” by teasing me with a picture of Klan Klien as a loli-teacher.