Macross Frontier 25

The twenty-fifth and final episode of Macross Frontier, “Your Sound”, starts off with the explosion of Alto’s variable fighter. But he’s not dead; unlike some of us, Alto clearly remembers that he’s wearing an EX-gear, which is pretty much a man-sized variable fighter by itself, and ejects safely into space. But before anyone else learns about his survival, a Vajura mothership is about to fire its main cannon into Battle Frontier. Macross Quarter arrives in the nick of time and fires off its own main cannon into the Vajura mothership. Brera’s fighter happens to be too close to the blast, though, which breaks something attached to his head, something I suspect was controlling his mind.

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Macross Frontier 24

Episode 24 of Macross Frontier, “Last Frontier”, starts off with a flashback to the past as Ranka sings Aimo accompanied by Brera playing the harmonica. It turns out that her singing called the Vajura to Gallia 4, where the 117th fleet were conducting their research, and Ranka, Brera, and Ranshe Mei watched as tons of Vajura folded in above the sky. We also get to see that Grace has a personal vendetta against the Vajura as they killed everyone around her, with herself also being gravely injured.

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Slayers Revolution 12

Episode 12 of Slayers Revolution, “Legacy: Decisive battle at Seyroon!”, begins with a military garrison at the border of Seyroon being attacked by Zanafar. Coincidentally, Sylphiel just happened to be there, too, and she blocked the first blast from Zanafar from decimating the garrison. But none of the counter-attacks by Seyroon’s wizards work against Zanafar. Before the magical beast annihilates the garrison, however, Lina and company arrive. And for some reason Deucriss persuades Zanafar to retreat for now.

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Macross Frontier 23

Episode 23 of Macross Frontier, “True Begin”, starts off with a dream Ranka is having while in fold transit. Ranshe and Grace are having an argument, where Grace presumably wants the zero-time folds that the Vajura parts enable used in cybernetic implants, while Ranshe is presumably against harming the Vajura. Little Brera and Ranka are looking on, wondering why their “mothers” are arguing, but Ranka wakes up when they arrive at the Vajura homeworld. I wonder why the plural? Is it because Ranka and Brera aren’t naturally born children, or is it because Brera is Grace’s son?

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Lucky Star trailer

Lucky Star is an anime that you’ll absolutely love if you’re an otaku like me. And you might be wondering why people like me are rolling on the floor laughing if you’re a normal person. I’ve seen the whole television anime and absolutely loved it, and I even have all the manga. So it’s with great anticipation that I’m waiting for the OVA, and the trailer indicates that the OVA won’t disappoint.

This reminds me: I need to get volume six of the manga that’s coming out this month.

Blog has moved

I have moved the blog to another server. There should be almost no difference in terms of links, so you won’t have to go hunting and updating all the links to this blog. Here’s hoping for a continual and fruitful blogging of current anime.

Macross Frontier 22

Episode 22 of Macross Frontier, “Northern Cross”, starts off with a call by Leon to Grace. Without Ranka around, Macross Frontier might not last long. Grace claims that she was surprised at Brera’s actions when he left Macross Frontier with Ranka in tow. However, considering that she also expressed gratitude for providing a place to stay with the supposed loss of Macross Galaxy, when we saw it was just fine in episode 15, it’s not clear whether Brera acted independently or not. It could be that Brera is helping Ranka by his own will, but it’s even more plausible that Grace is lying her ass off. Hoping for a solution, Leon contacts Brilla right before the opening credits.

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