Hyakko 4

The first half of episode 4 of Hyakko, “Drinking Milk, Eating Horses, Tigers Eating”, is about the girls’ adventure in the cafeteria. Having not brought a lunch box, Torako hunts for someone to drag along to the cafeteria for lunch. Ayumi is her victim, while Suzume is a willing accomplice. And Tatsuki is collateral damage as the girls all meet up at the cafeteria.

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Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 3

Episode 3 of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, “Rotten Fruit”, is about a very popular young idol singer, Moriyama Jun. Yuzuki and Akie see her when they encounter a crowd watching the shooting of a drama she appears in. Normally that would be the closest they get to her, but they save her from a perverted fan who is about to decently expose himself. In gratitude, Jun invites them to dinner at the hotel she is staying.

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Shikabane Hime: Aka 3

Episode 3 of Shikabane Hime: Aka, “Voice of the Night”, starts off with a couple taking a walk near a temple when they hear the cries of a baby. They encounter a shikabane and run for their lives, but soon bump into Makina who tells them to forget everything. She’s chasing after the shikabane, but this one is slippery: there’s no trace of the shikabane after the dead body of a young woman is found.

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Hyakko 3

The first half of Hyakko episode 3 is about Torako fulfilling her duties. This may be odd considering that she doesn’t seem to be the type to care too much about duty, but it turns out that she was appointed the class overseer for discipline in her absence during the first days of school (no one else wanted the job). Incidentally, Suzume also got the job of managing plants for the class, although she imagines the job to actually be a plant …

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Shikabane Hime: Aka 2

Episode 2 of Shikabane Hime: Aka, “Continuing playtime”, starts off with a proper opening sequence this time. It looks pretty cool, although it’s still rather generic. Anyways, this episode is about the story of shikabane that arose from dead children who were killed in a traffic accident. One of the them raises a furor as she appears to come back from the dead during her funeral. However, their idea of play is rather gruesome, and they end up killing a whole lot of people.

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Hyakko 2

The first half of episode 2, “No tiger cub without entering tiger’s cave”, is about the four new friends Torako, Suzume, Ayumi, and Tatsuki finding a school club to enter. Or at least Torako is trying to: Tatsuki is steadily getting enraged by Torako ignoring what she says. Tatsuki also has no intention of being part of a school club, which Torako glosses over. On the other hand, Ayumi wants to enter the literature club and Suzume wants to enter the “school lunch” club (obviously there’s no such club, but it’s further confirmation of where her priorities lie), but the group tries out baseball at the whims of Torako.

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Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 1

The first season of Jigoku Shoujo introduced us to Enma Ai and her cadre of assistants. Unfortunately, most of the episodes ended up with “grudge of the week” plots, although the plot got interesting at the end. Still, the mystique of the Jigoku Shoujo and the surreal feeling from the series compelled me to watch the second season of Jigoku Shoujo. This time the stories were more varied and interesting, with more focus on the assistants and stories that explore the vagaries of the Jigoku Tsushin (Hell Communications) system. However, it ended with Enma Ai being freed from the duties of the Jigoku Shoujo, so it made me wonder how they would do things when a third season was announced.

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