Ristorante Paradiso 7

Luciano walking with his daughter and grandson

Episode 7 of Ristorante Paradiso, “A Special Day”, begins with Luciano walking with a sleeping Francesco and his mother, talking about how it’s almost Francesco’s birthday. However, Francesco’s mother worries that the father won’t be around for the birthday considering he missed it last year. So we see Luciano promising to his departed wife that he would make the day an enjoyable one for his grandson even if the father doesn’t show up due to his work.

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Ristorante Paradiso 6


Episode 6 of Ristorante Paradiso, “A Certain Married Couple”, begins with a husband and wife at a restaurant for a makeup dinner. Nicoletta, Teo, and Furio also happen to be at the restaurant as a learning experience for Nicoletta, except Teo complains that the quality of the food has gone down and that making the trip to the restaurant a waste. The husband mentions that Teo is being overly harsh, although he admits that the food is indeed not as good as before. This is a mistake, since the wife concludes that he had went to the restaurant with another woman before in light of his claim that this was his first time at the restaurant.

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Shangri-la 7

Bored Kuniko

Episode 7 of Shangri-la, “Sadness, Gratitude, and Vengeance”, begins with forces from ATLAS infiltrating Duomo while Kuniko is talking to her friends Tomoka and Yuri, or rather Kuniko and Tomoka listening to Yuri talk about yet another boyfriend. However, their purpose is not to discretely kidnap Kuniko. Instead, the infiltration is done discretely to prevent any resistance from being organized in time. When the time is comes, an armed train rams through the walls of Duomo and covers the area around Kuniko with superior firepower, and the infiltrated forces reveal themselves to openly arrest Kuniko.

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Ristorante Paradiso 5

GiGi at a cemetery

Episode 5 of Ristorante Paradiso, “Taste of Orsini”, starts with GiGi visiting a cemetery to pay his respects to a particular grave with a 1982 bottle of Orsini wine, where a young woman strikes up a conversation with him after having seen him regularly at the same cemetery before. As usual for GiGi, the conversation is rather one-sided with GiGi not saying anything.

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Shangri-la 6


Episode 6 of Shangri-la, “Imaginary Battle Lines”, begins with Ishida Karin contacting the Japanese government with a suggestion that Ishida Finance and the government cooperate to defeat Orochi, the company which Karin suspects of operating a duplicate of Medusa. The duplicate system itself is also being referred as the Orochi. The Orochi is drawn to countries with plenty of both market carbon and actual carbon, and Karin wants government cooperation to use Kuwait as bait. It’s in the government’s interests to get rid of something like Orochi which manipulates the carbon market, but they’re worried about causing a diplomatic incident, which is of no concern to Karin.

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Ristorante Paradiso 4

I really should stop trying to ascribe a special purpose to the opening sequence for each episode of Ristorante Paradiso, except as a prelude to the episode itself, since episode 4, “casetta dell’orso”, starts off with a short snippet with Luciano. And Olga really enjoys watching her employee serve the patrons like a gentleman. It also turns out that Luciano is a smoker. Burn, Luciano, burn! (Not really, he has the common sense to smoke somewhere without other people, and I still like the guy.)

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Shangri-la 5


Episode 5 of Shangri-la, “Disturbed Heart, Stormy Dance”, starts with Kuniko and Momoko encountering Kunihito in Akiba. While Momoko takes a bit longer to recognize the soldier, Kuniko sends a flying kick to Kunihito, not for being the enemy but rather because the first thing Kunihito remembered about her were her polkadot panties. Karin, who is watching over a camera feed, notices that it’s strawberry this time … Being suspicious of what a soldier like Kunihito might be doing in Akiba, Momoko suggests that they discretely check out what he’s doing.

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