Shangri-la 13

Kuniko, leader of Metal Age

Episode 13 of Shangri-la, “Flying Girl”, is about the right time to have a recap for a show with a couple of dozen episodes planned. And a recap is exactly what we get: all two minutes of it, that is. Instead of a full-scale and redundant recap episode, we get to see a short look at the path Kuniko had taken to become the leader of Metal Age. And back in the present, Kuniko is broadcasting a motivational speech emphasizing the need to take over ATLAS just before the invasion is to begin, which is heard by Metal Age members everywhere, including those that have infiltrated the construction crews for ATLAS.

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Ristorante Paradiso

Ristorante Paradiso is centered around the 21 year-old Nicoletta who heads to Rome to expose how her mother has a daughter from a previous marriage. Things do not quite go according to plan, and Nicoletta ends up working at the restaurant casetta dell’orso owned by her mother’s husband. The odd thing about the restaurant is that all the employees are older gentlemen who wear glasses …

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Ristorante Paradiso 11


At the start of the eleventh and last episode of Ristorante Paradiso, “People of the Restaurant”, Olga leaves Nicoletta’s apartment after spending the evening with her daughter, who happens to be preoccupied with a recipe book as she leaves. But when Nicoletta enters the kitchen to test out a recipe, she notices an unfamiliar pot obviously left behind by Olga. While Olga is pretty pleased with herself with having done a good deed, Nicoletta only grudgingly thinks how Olga acts like a mother on only a few occasions such as this one. However, instead of food in the pot, Nicoletta is puzzled to find an invitation for herself.

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Shangri-la 12

Kunihito looking out the window

Episode 12 of Shangri-la, “Changes in the Forces of Life”, begins with Kunihito recuperating in an ATLAS hospital after having been rescued in the aftermath of the Yamato Takeru debacle. He is isolated from the other survivors, and of course he wonders where they are, although the doctor smoothly ignores the question and suggests that Kunihito focus on his own recovery. Kunihito would be shocked to learn that Ryouko has just ordered the elimination of the other survivors besides Digma-3 (confirming that Kunihito is indeed Digma-3).

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Eden of the East

Having watched the final television episode of Eden of the East, my opinion is that it was a cool anime with intrigue in every episode fueling tons of speculation. Unfortunately, much of the speculations will remain so within the confines of the television series; one would be sorely disappointed if one expects that most of the big mysteries would be explained. Fortunately, the conclusion of the television series ends with a satisfying conclusion for a major premise of the show, Careless Monday, the missile attacks that had befell Japan shortly before the start of the show.

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Ristorante Paradiso 10


Episode 10 of Ristorante Paradiso, “Hidden Love”, begins with a certain lady frequenting the casetta dell’orso showing an intense interest in Luciano. He is quite aware of the attention, but ignores it. The rest of the staff is aware of it as well, and Vito talks about how her name is Savina and that she used to be a violinist. Of course, Vito also thinks it a waste how Luciano simply ignores the attention. Given how Luciano tries to ignore Savina, Nicoletta wonders if Luciano plans to live the rest of his life alone as a widower, to which Claudio suggests is probably the case because Luciano loved his late wife so much. This is troubling for Nicoletta, given how Claudio still wears the wedding ring from his failed marriage with Gabriella.

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Shangri-la 11

Kunihito wakes up in the middle of the ocean

Episode 11 of Shangri-la, “Dreams of a Foreign Bird”, starts off with Karin humming a song whose origin she can’t remember. At the same time, Kunihito dreams of a long-haired blond boy singing the same song, picking up his battered dagger as a kid, and then confronting a caged canary as an adult where he finally hears his own prophecy: “Earth, follow the day and the night.” There’s also a bit about the world, except he’s woken up from his dream before he can recite the rest. He’s on a life boat with other members of the military: it seems that the attack against the Medusa by the Yamato Takeru failed miserably.

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Ristorante Paradiso 9

Episode 9 of Ristorante Paradiso, “Holiday at the Restaurant”, begins with a scene from the past where Teo is being chewed out by the previous chef Vanna about being so unmotivated. The next scene shows Teo confirming that Vanna was quitting the casetta dell’orso, and he also almost hit her when she wonders if Teo would still be at the restaurant by the time she shows up again. This has got to be the scene with the highest amount of dramatic tension directly shown so far by the show, even if it’s not much compared to some of the indirectly implied drama.

Vanna chewing out Teo

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