Release date for Macross Frontier movie

According to the February issue of Newtype, we were told that Klan would be the focus of the upcoming Macross Frontier movie. But now we also have news of when the movie will be screened: November 21!

Confirmation in Macross Ace

  1. #1 by donight on June 25, 2009 - 10:15 am

    I have seen the preview. It’s a movie but not ova. The same story, with lots of abridge, it must be boring (Although the effect of the pictures is better).

    The origional animation version is good enough.

    • #2 by Shounen A on June 25, 2009 - 7:14 pm

      I’m hoping that it will be what Do You Remember Love? was to SDF Macross, where it will be a worthwhile watch even after devouring the television series.

  2. #3 by olivia on June 26, 2009 - 12:56 am

    meh. not interested. This series, like EVA, has been juiced for too long…

  3. #4 by Shounen A on June 26, 2009 - 10:49 pm

    Some extra information: there will be two movies. It’s going to double the painful wait for a Macross fan like myself …

  4. #5 by Jesus159159159 on July 6, 2009 - 1:12 am

    Two movies?! NICE!!! It does seem pretty far away though. Hope they don’t make us wait long in between movies. =3.

    • #6 by Shounen A on July 8, 2009 - 5:40 am

      No matter how short the wait is, it will still be too long. :p

  5. #7 by mf on September 28, 2009 - 8:33 pm

    if the 2nd movie isnt about alto, sheryl, and ranka, but is just about klan klan, no point in watching… it’ll just fuck up the series..

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