Timeline for Umineko no Naku Koro ni I

Now that the first arc for Umineko no Naku Koro ni is over, this might be a good time to organize a timeline of events. Perhaps this might be useful in figuring out what is going on. Probably not: we still have not even learned the rules of the game.

October 4, 1986

Near start of episode I-I.
Members of the Ushiromiya dynasty arrive at Rokkenjima.
George wraps candy wrapper around rose for Maria.
Battler learns about portrait of Beatrice.
Candy wrapper still around Maria’s rose.
Parents talk about possible embezzlement by Klaus.
Klaus outmaneuvers other parents concerning inheritance.
Grandchildren have a picnic.
Maria gives scorpion amulets to Battler and Jessica.
Maria and others cannot find her rose.
Kinzou throws his ring into the sky.
Beatrice gives Maria an umbrella and a letter.
Episode I-II begins.
Maria reads letter during dinner.
Kirie airs her suspicions to Battler.
Rudolph suspects he will be killed that night.
Klaus shows Natsuhi a gold bar.
Jessica gives Natsuhi her scorpion amulet.
Grandchildren head to guest house.
George proposes to Shannon.
Exactly midnight
Klaus, Rudolph, Kirie, and Rosa are in discussion.
Gouda is solving a crossword puzzle.
Kanon is offering tea to Genji.
Chiyo, Nanjo, and Natsuhi are sleeping.
Battler, Jessica, and George are playing cards next to a sleeping Maria.
Kinzou playing solo game of chess.

October 5, 1986

Kanon and Genji start preparations for the day.
Genji reports to Natsuhi that Gouda is missing.
Natsuhi receives key to study from Genji. Talks to Kinzou.
Klaus, Rosa, Rudolph, Kirie, Gouda, and Shannon are found dead in storehouse.
Episode I-III begins.
Natsuhi and Eva head to study to report situation to Kinzou, who turns out to be missing.
Everyone searches the mansion for Kinzou.
Eva airs her suspicions to Battler.
Battler has surreal conversation with employees and Maria.
Natsuhi retrieves Kinzou’s gun.
Tense situation between Natsuhi and Eva defused by Battler.
A tender moment between Eva and Hideyoshi.
Eva and Hideyoshi are found dead.
Episode I-IV begins.
Kanon and Chiyo are sent to investigate odd smell.
Kanon is mortally wounded in boiler room.
Kinzou found dead.
Survivors take refuge in study.
Natsuhi reads letter found at Eva’s and Hideyoshi’s room.
Significance of inscription next to Beatrice’s portrait is realized.
New letter appears.
Employees and Maria are ousted from the study under suspicion.
Realization that letter was intended to cause discord.
Phone rings, when phone lines are supposedly dead.
Genji, Nanjo, Chiyo found dead.
Episode I-V begins.
Natsuhi is fatally shot in the head.
Exactly midnight
Everything ends.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.

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I think you should know something – Eva and Hideyoshi are found dead at 7:30pm October 5th. Genji and Kanon were getting them for dinner XD

Thanks! This little misunderstanding messed up my timeline and caused a lot of confusion for me. I’ve gone back through my summaries and fixed the times.

Nice! This is very helpful. It’s a little surprising to see that all the deaths happened within a 2 day period. It feels longer.

Thanks this is good! :D Since the episodes are spread over 4 episodes, I almost thought that things took at least a few days haha.

I had some of the same feelings: while I abstractly knew that only a few days passed, constructing the timeline highlighted just how little time passed for each episode. I was also surprised to realize that all of the deaths occurred within a single day.

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