Umineko no Naku Koro ni II-IV

Dead Jessica

It is 7:52AM at the beginning of episode II-IV of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, “skewer”. In the parlor, Rosa suggests that everyone head to Jessica’s room to check up on her and Kanon, making a reference to a puzzle with sheep and wolves. When they reach Jessica’s room, however, there is another bloody drawing on the locked door, which Maria recognizes to be the First Seal of the Moon that also appeared in episode I-IV. There is no answer from inside, so Gouda uses his master key to unlock the door and enter Jessica’s room, only to find Jessica lying dead on the floor.

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Shangri-la 21

Karin almost loses Medusa

Episode 21 of Shangri-la, “Loss of a Holy Land”, begins with the attack against Akiba by the aerial fortress Titan from the previous episode. Too bad we don’t actually get to see Titan. Karin had almost regained control of Medusa, but the attack derails her efforts, while Mikuni is determined to continue on to ATLAS, now motivated to avenge the loss of Miko once she inherits ATLAS. The attack was specifically targeted against the Neo-Guild headquarters, and in the aftermath the building collapses, with Karin being saved despite her protests by one of her lackeys.

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni II-III

In front of the chapel

Episode II-III of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, “week square”, begins at 6:00AM. Kinzou is alive and well, and when he wakes up he notes that he has not been included in one of the sacrifices. Of course, he is looking forward to what Beatrice will do for the game. Outside at the chapel, Gouda, Shannon, Kanon, Rosa, Nanjo, and Genji are standing in front of the chapel, shocked by the bloody drawing on the door. Obviously a magic seal, this one also has an extra message: “Happy Halloween for Maria.”

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Shangri-la 20

An unconcerned Ryouko

Episode 20 of Shangri-la, “Joint Articulation”, begins two weeks after the successful operation to eradicate Daedalus from Tokyo. The Japanese government now has to face the aftermath, where the problem is not just the economy that is in tatters, but also the activities of Medusa that is making the global economy much worse. Even the possibility of a world war is raised. Their one consolation is that the United Nations is sending bombers to the Marshall Islands. They would love the prime minister to take responsibility and resign, but Ryouko is unconcerned and no one else is willing to replace her.

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni II-II


Episode II-II of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, “early queen move”, begins on the day the Ushiromiya family are to gather at Rokkenjima. Rosa and Maria are taking a train to the boat terminal, but Maria is being a nuisance and demanding treats for the Halloween that is still almost a month away. Rosa won’t indulge Maria, even going so far as stopping Maria from receiving candy from a kind old lady. However, Rosa crosses the line and slaps Maria silly, and she’s aware something is wrong with herself after the fact. Not getting any treats must have pushed Maria to play the trick of killing everyone on Rokkenjima …

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Shangri-la 19

Kuniko in command

Episode 19 of Shangri-la, “The Aerial Bombing of Tokyo”, begins with a whole lot of bombers approaching Tokyo. For once, ATLAS is not being obstructionist and even provides a command center for Kuniko to direct the operation with assistance from Kunihito. As the bombers drop their load, it looks like the plan to eradicate Daedalus will actually work, with the concussive blasts tearing apart the plants and the resulting fires hopefully burning up the dispersed seeds. Of course, corporate ATLAS is still being a jerk because they won’t open up available spaces to accommodate the still incoming refugees.

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Umineko no Naku Koro ni II-I

Different portrait of Beatrice in opening sequence

A new arc begins for episode II-I of Umineko no Naku Koro ni, “middle game”. One thing stands out immediately from the beginning of the opening sequence: the portrait of Beatrice is different from before, where she is now wearing modern clothes instead. What is this supposed to mean? Is Beatrice going to appear in person in front of everybody as a normal human being? That would make it rather hard for Battler to deny her existence in the real world, since he would have to be making denials to her face. (The appearance in the previous episode apparently does not count because it was not in the real world).

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Shangri-la 18

Karin suggest rental instead of purchasing

Episode 18 of Shangri-la, “Double-headed Fable”, continues from the previous episode where Kuniko asks Karin for a bomber to burn Tokyo. Now living in Akiba and no longer in ATLAS, it would be in Karin’s interest to get rid of the Daedalus plants that infest Tokyo, but she refuses, citing that it would be far too expensive to purchase enough forces to do it successfully. This does not mean Karin is shooting down Kuniko’s plan: she suggests renting the forces instead. Karin’s alternative is to hire the services of a foreign military.

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