Kuragehime 7

Episode 7 of Kuragehime, “Unemployed Financial Islands” (金融無職列島), starts off with Kuranosuke reminiscing over his closet, remembering a closet full of his mother’s clothes and the time he first arrived at the Kuboichi home with his mother, when Kuranosuke seemed to be about ten while Shuu seemed to be close or at college-age. Meanwhile, Shouko is annoyed that the purchase of the Amamizukan has still not been finalized: the owner of the Amamizukan, Chieko’s mother, doesn’t spend enough time inside Japan to sign the contract, even though the decision to sell the place has already been made.

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Kuragehime 6

Episode 6 of Kuragehime, “Night of the Living Amars” (ナイト・オブ・ザ・リビング・アマーズ), begins with Kuranosuke finishing the transformation of all the Amars except for Chieko, who looks like a rich lady among the transformed Amars with her kimono attire. Kuranosuke hasn’t quite thought through beyond dressing up the Amars, however, so he suggests going to a cafe for “training”. Incidentally, a cafe is the Amars’ number one heart rate raising location (by now, I want to see a “number two” something).

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Kuragehime 5

Episode 5 of Kuragehime, “I Want to be a Jellyfish” (私はクラゲになりたい), begins with Tsukimi sighing over her time with Shuu the previous day. Especially the last bit where she was exposed in her underwear, recalled in the form of a movie trailer, which prompts her to bash her head in an attempt to expunge the terribly embarrassing memory. Meanwhile, Shuu is sighing the same way during breakfast, prompting Kuranosuke to have all manners of thoughts about how yucky it is to watch the virgin Shuu pine over Tsukimi.

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