Slayers Revolution 2

Starting from the aftermath of the destruction from the previous episode, episode 2 of Slayers Revolution, “Because It’s Lina Inverse!”, begins with Lina and friends wondering just what the heck happened. Lina is extremely pissed off, mainly because this unknown little creature stole her limelight (being blamed for what he did is just extra fodder for her temper).

After asking Amelia why she was helping the inspector, it turns out that Luvinagard, the country that Lina et al. are currently at, had made a formal request to Seyruun for help in finding Lina Inverse. When Lina wonders why Seyruun acquiesced so easily to the request, she learns just how the governing council of Seyruun thinks of her. With her hot temper, she exclaims that she’s going to destroy both Luvinagard and Seyruun for pissing her off. Weiser, the inspector who is too concerned with looking good, turns up as he hears Lina’s exclamation and declares that Lina has basically made a confession of her criminal intent.

After some violent calming down by Lina, he is persuaded to explain why he’s trying to arrest her. He explains that someone has been destroying the country’s secret weapons, such as the tank that appeared in the previous episode, using the Dragon Slave. Lina retorts that you could learn the Dragon Slave during bridal training (marriage must be really tough around there), that it could have been anyone destroying the weapons. However, when Weiser explains that the culprit’s mannerisms, the rest of the group are almost convinced that it could have been Lina, at least until she reminds them of the little creature casting the Dragon Slave.

Weiser is convinced to give her a chance to prove her innocence. (He doesn’t remember the small creature casting a Dragon Slave in the previous episode because he blacked out.) Lina has him take her and her friends to a place where the culprit is most likely to show up, which turns out to be some sort of fortress that seems an armory. One of the things they have is a magic tank, although whoever designed them has an odd sense of aesthetics, considering that the tank from the previous episode looked like a turtle, while the tank they now stood in front of looked like a cow. But the tank is promptly attacked by a magic blast and destroyed.

After the break, it turns out that Weiser has yet again blacked out in the aftermath of the blast. He is just too preoccupied with posing, which is why he didn’t dodge when the rest of the group ducked. While Amelia and Zelgadis are left behind to deal with the wounded, Lina and Gourry chase after the small creature that attacked them.

As they give chase in the forest, Lina manages to catch up with the little creature and exchanges magic blasts. When each of the combatants dodge a near miss, they start a childish brawl. As they bickered, I couldn’t help but notice how similar they seemed to be in temperament. But they eventually resume their magic duel, and they turn out to be evenly matched. While Gourry manages to intervene in the battle and even manages to scare the creature for a while, during which he does a good impression of a monkey as he’s chasing the creature, soon enough he is out of the battle being buried underground.

Lina and the creature end up insulting each other, with Lina starting off teasing him about his small size. Soon enough, the creature insults Lina in a way no sane person should ever do: he teases her about her breast size. Of course there could only be one outcome: Lina gets so pissed that she starts casting a magically amplified Dragon Slave. In panic, the creature opens a zipper on his body (!) and takes out a sword of light. What is he, a magical handbag with arms? Or is his appearance just an exosuit (maybe he was miniaturized somehow)? By the way, the Dragon Slave indeed invokes a shield around the caster, as all of the magic attacks by the creature are unable to disrupt Lina’s spellcasting.

After the humongous explosion, which the creature survives by using the sword of light, Lina and the creature get to talk slightly more calmly. Apparently the creature didn’t know who Lina was, since she had to introduce herself. And we get to learn that his name is Pocota. His appearance as a small creature might not be his original appearance, in fact. And he reveals that he made a replica sword of light, which would explain why there’s one when all of the originals were no longer in their world, and that he also created the tank weapons that he destroyed.

Before they can talk any further, inspector Weiser shows up, and with Pocota sneaking away, he starts blaming Lina all over again. It’s probably going to be only a matter of time before Lina gives the smackdown on Weiser and his country for pissing her off and trying to accomplish some evil purpose with apparently stolen weapons. And I may have been mistaken about Pocota; with the way things are going, he might in fact become an ally of Lina’s instead of continuing to be an antagonist.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.