Slayers Revolution 3

Episode 3 of Slayers Revolution, “Chase: Pursuit with No End”, starts out in the dark with a woman walking with her pet dog along the shore of a lake. For some unknown reason, the dog feels an attraction to the middle of the lake and jumps into the water.

The next day, Lina and Gourry are showing off their large appetites. And they’re eating even more ravenously than usual because they bet the one who finishes later would pay the bill for both of their meals, which is enough to feed ten normal people each. Just as Lina is about to finish, inspector Weiser shows up and restrains her hand holding the last piece of food with handcuffs, with his own hand cuffed on the other end.

Lina and company have no idea what Weiser is blaming her for this time, so he explains that she’s being arrested for the kidnapping of pets owned by the wealthy. They still have no idea what he’s talking about, and Lina gets very annoyed at apparently being blamed for a crime she didn’t commit yet again. It doesn’t help that Gourry finished eating as she was preoccupied, getting her to pay the bill for both of them.

If things continued this way, Weiser would have had to fear for his life if he had an ounce of sense (something which he sorely lacked so far). Fortunately, he mentions a bounty for catching the petnapper, which turns Lina’s attitude right around with her love of money. So they go investigate, all the while seeing yet again the incompetence of Weiser as they find that he did not actually investigate anything and just jumped to blaming Lina. And being handcuffed to Weiser, Lina doesn’t quite get as much satisfaction when she punts him to the stratosphere.

I hope this isn’t an indication of what the story will be like throughout Slayers Revolution. If it turns out that it’s going to repeat a “Lina gets framed for a crime by Weiser, Lina tries to find the real culprit, ends up with mayhem with Weiser ending none the wiser but at least Lina is free” story line over and over again, I’m going to be mighty annoyed. Hopefully the culprit in this episode won’t be Pocota, the small creature from the previous episodes who has a temperament eerily like Lina’s. The petnappings doesn’t seem like the kind of thing a genius wizard like him would do, though.

As they try to talk to the people around the village about the petnappings, no one is willing to talk. They also find animal tracks leading straight to the lake. Despite the suspicious nature of the tracks, they take a boat and head towards the middle of the lake. A giant jelly-fish-like monster comes out of the water, so Lina gains time by using Gourry as a sacrificial lamb. After reaching the isle in the middle of the lake, they encounter another group of monsters, so Lina leaves it to Amelia and Zelgadis to deal with them. The only ones that are heading towards to the heart of it all are Lina and an unwilling Weiser, who has no choice because he cuffed himself to Lina.

After the break, Lina has managed to infiltrate the real culprit’s lair while fighting against individual monsters. She points out how things are to Weiser, but he’s too dense: he believes that Lina is showing off her headquarters for world domination! Of course, that’s a completely ridiculous notion. World domination is just too much work for Lina. Anyways, the density of Weiser pisses off Lina so much that she twirls him around with the handcuff chains, and the cuffs slip off of her hand and Weiser impacts the door to the real culprit’s laboratory.

The creepy looking fellow turns out to be kidnapping pets in order to create chimeras. To Lina’s annoyance, Weiser isn’t awake to hear his boasting of evil-doings, so she just incapacitates the small fry chimeras the mad wizard throws at her. Seeing how poorly his chimeras are doing, he summons a giant chimera with anti-magic shields. Before Lina brings out the big guns, though, the big jelly-fish-like monster that showed up at the lake barges through the wall and knocks out the wizard and the giant chimera.

It turns out that Gourry had befriended the monster with his animalistic charm. They also saved Amelia and Zelgadis from the group of monsters on land, but they would rather not have been saved in the humiliating manner they were saved by. In the mean time, Weiser manages to wake up, and seeing the mad wizard responsible for the petnappings, he tries to arrest him. The mad wizard says he has the backing of a Luvinagard noble so Weiser wouldn’t be able to arrest him, but Weiser arrests him anyways since it would hold under the circumstances.

After the entire thing is over and the group returns, Lina reveals that she knows Weiser isn’t as incompetent as he seemed to be. This was a big surprise. While I wondered how a nincompoop like Weiser could have become a special inspector for Luvinagard, it seems that he is much more competent and devious than I thought. Lina manages to deduce that Weiser wanted to arrest the mad wizard for illegal magic experiments, but he couldn’t because a noble had the wizard’s back. So he provoked Lina by pretending to arrest her, and Lina would go on a rampage straight to the mad wizard since she had no compunction about the politics of Luvinagard.

I think I can rest easy that Slayers Revolution won’t go into a repetitious pattern of Lina being framed and her going on a rampage to prove her innocence, given the revelation that inspector Weiser is much more competent than he seemed to be. Perhaps he even deliberately targeted Lina from the very start knowing that Pocota was the one destroying the magic tanks, in order to enlist her unwitting help in breaking some evil conspiracy in Luvinagard. I guess we’ll see if that’s the way things go in future episodes, but at least I think we won’t have to worry about Slayers Revolution getting into a repetitious and cliched plot.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.