Slayers Revolution 4

Episode 4 of Slayers Revolution, “Drifter: Which side is chasing or being chased!”, starts off with Lina and Gourry terrorizing the forest life in their search for Pocota. An exhaustive search is taking too much time, so Lina uses reverse psychology on Zelgadis, who hasn’t been doing much for the search, to get him to do the work. Zelgadis knows what she’s doing, but he participates in the search anyways, while Lina and Gourry go to a town to figure out another strategy.

In order to capture Pocota, Zelgadis prepares a bunch of primitive traps using food as bait. Amelia is not impressed with his approach, but he reasons that for someone who casts high-level magic spells like the Dragon Slave, Pocota must have an appetite comparable to Lina and Gourry, so he claims that a banquet would be the best bait to lure Pocota. Amelia gets pissed at Zelgadis for not taking things seriously, but Slayers has lots of slapstick: Pocota is entrapped in one of Zelgadis’ traps.

Under normal circumstances, Pocota would have easily blasted his way out of the cage that trapped him, but Zelgadis had drugged the food used as bait, which paralyzed Pocota. Zelgadis then threatens Pocota to teach him how to turn back into a normal human being. The use of paralyzing drugs and his threatening manner, similar to that of a typical villain, prompts Amelia’s justice instinct to kick in and she knocks out Zelgadis.

Back at a cabin, while Zelgadis sooths his face that was punched, Amelia extols the need for peaceful negotiations with Pocota and asks him why he was destroying the magic tanks. His answer that he didn’t want the tanks he created to be misused struck a cord with Amelia, pushing her justice instinct into overdrive. To the confused surprise of Pocota, but to the resigned acceptance by Zelgadis, she declares her decision to cooperate with Pocota in the name of world peace.

After the break, Pocota, Amelia, and Zelgadis end up wandering aimlessly for the day, supposedly in order to find the magic tanks and destroy them. But it’s more like a camping trip, where they take the time to fish. Pocota again shows how similar he is to Lina with his large appetite, which annoyed Zelgadis since he was doing all the work of catching the fish.

Eventually they arrive at a village, and a rather flimsy looking tank appears. It turns out that it’s a fake tank made by Lina and Gourry in order to lure Pocota. However, Amelia has no idea that they are in the tank, and Pocota doesn’t seem to realize that it’s not one of the tanks he created. Amelia and Pocota start chasing the tank around trying to destroy it, although Zelgadis wisely stays out of the chase.

With the magic spells thrown around by Amelia and Pocota, which also causes a lot of collateral damage to the village, Lina finally gets pissed off enough to fire back with her own magic spells. The chase basically turns into a magic duel with Lina pitted against Amelia and Pocota, although Lina does a good job shielding the tank while Amelia and Pocota manage to dodge most spells. Pocota even uses his replica sword of light to block one of Lina’s anger-powered magic blasts.

Lina has to fire her magic spells through small openings in the tank, most of which were created by magic spells thrown by Pocota and Amelia, which means that she needed Gourry, who both controlled and powered the tank with his muscle, to control the direction she could fire off spells. This eventually ends up Lina screaming conflicting directions to Gourry, which gives a chance for Amelia to fire off a finishing blast at the fake tank.

In the end, Lina vents her anger at Amelia, and Pocota flies off since he has no interest in fake tanks. Lina and her friends follow Pocota to wherever he’s flying off to, all the while with Lina screaming her frustrations at him, and leave the ruined village behind. At least the villagers might be able to get inspector Weiser to help out with the reconstruction of the village half-destroyed by the rampage, at least if they listen to Lina’s advice as she’s leaving.

From the preview for the next episode, it appears we might actually get some background on Pocota, whose birthplace seems to be some gloomy ruins in the present. And Xellos will finally be making an appearance, who will probably be always smirking and being annoyingly mysterious to Lina and friends.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.