Macross Frontier 20

Episode 20 of Macross Frontier, “Diamond Crevasse”, starts off with the ending of the previous episode, “Triangular”, except we also get to see that Sheryl had nearly collapsed from her sickness, where Alto caught her from falling down. We also get to see Klan demanding where Michelle’s love is, after hearing him say that everyone wants someone to love.

After the opening sequence, Ranka is shocked at how close Sheryl and Alto seem to be. It causes a deep sadness and pain within her. Not so coincidentally, the Vajura that seemed to be incubating somewhere within Macross Frontier are suddenly agitated and become active. The one good thing is that one of the Vajura kills the sniper who was aiming for President Glass, thwarting Leon’s attempted coup. Unfortunately, the rest of the city is in chaos.

The awakening of the Vajura, in fact the existence of the Vajura nest on Macross Frontier, is a complete surprise to Leon. And I’m not sure about this, but it seems to be an unexpected development to Grace, too. Unless she’s duping Leon in some other scheme of hers, but it does seem to be pretty certain that she at least didn’t expect the Vajura to appear at that time. They probably got blindsided because they weren’t aware of the love triangle between Alto, Sheryl, and Ranka, not to mention the existence of an unknown Vajura nest in the fleet.

Alto and Sheryl somehow convince Ranka to sing in order to calm down the Vajura. Unfortunately, the turmoil within her heart only agitates the Vajura further. It’s so bad that Destroids are deployed within Macross Frontier, but they are just too many of the Vajura. Alto, Luca, and Michelle are only able to fight them off with their firearms because the Vajura are small and the Vajura aren’t focusing the attacks on them. They manage to get together with their female companions, but a blast from a Vajura separates Sheryl and Nanase from the rest of the group. Nanase also seems to have suffered a serious head injury in the attack. Fortunately there are soldiers to help Sheryl and Nanase, so the rest of the group go on their separate way to S.M.S. headquarters.

Sheryl seems to have got some of her strong personality back, with the way she got the rest of the group to go on their separate way as she told them that she and Nanase would be fine. Hopefully this is a sign that she’ll be able to recover her spirits after having it crushed by Grace. Ranka, on the other hand, seems to be regaining a little bit of her childhood memory, as Alto running while holding her hand reminds her of a faint memory of Brera running with her in the same manner, albeit in happier times.

Meanwhile, outside in space, Macross Quarter is recalled frantically. As it heads back, large-sized Vajura are defolding all around them, apparently being called as reinforcements from the Vajura inside Macross Frontier. And the battle is going very badly for the humans. They quickly lose one of their ships to a single Vajura, and even Macross Quarter firing off its cannon like a machine gun isn’t helping much. By the way, I had no idea that the cannon could be fired like that, although I guess it’s not as powerful as a single-shot blast. Anyways, the Vajura manage to break through the fleet’s defensive screen.

After the break, Brera runs towards Ranka to protect her, but Grace orders him to stop. She wants him to join the battle out in space. An explanation that the Vajura wouldn’t hurt their little queen and a judicious application of cybernetic punishment convinces him. But instead of running towards the hangar holding his VF-27, he takes advantage of his cybernetic nature: he controls the fighter remotely while he himself doesn’t move an inch. Too bad for him that he can’t quite do two things at once, otherwise he could have escorted Ranka even as he controlled his fighter. And it may be too bad for Grace; not letting him protect Ranka could backfire on her in the future since it might cause him to turn against Macross Galaxy.

Meanwhile, as President Glass heads towards the control center, Leon and several soldiers greet him. Leon gets his wish after all, as he orders the soldiers to kill the president and his bodyguards. I’m not sure if it’s going to be so easy to grab power after all this, though, with Cathy and Ozma knowing what he did and with a deeply unhappy populace that had just suffered a lot of civilian casualties.

At the S.M.S. headquarters, Luca is trying to rig a door to open. They’re heading for the EX-gears, which won’t be a tremendous help but at least better than handheld firearms, and the macronization chamber, which Klan intends to use and kick ass. When they get close to the macronization chamber, Klan strips off everything so she can use it, but before entering, she asks once again where Michelle’s love is. He light-heartedly claims that he’s still searching for it, but Klan is annoyed with his answer and forcefully kisses him, saying that she loves him. If it were any other situation, everyone else probably would have commented on him being kissed by a naked girl, but they’re more impressed with her forcefulness given the situation.

In a shelter, Sheryl is looking over the injured Nanase. A lot of civilians are also with them, and all of them are gripped in fear. Interestingly, I think we see Kanaria’s husband and son right next to them, although they don’t know each other. The only reason I got a clue is that the father is telling his son that his mother is outside fighting to protect them, shortly followed by a scene of Kanaria fighting desperately in her Koenig Monster. But before this scene, Sheryl is listening to everyone voicing their fears and complaining about the government exaggerating how Ranka could help them fight off the Vajura.

As Sheryl listens to everyone’s fears, she recalls Alto telling her that she wouldn’t be the famous singer she is if she couldn’t reach people’s hearts. This gives her courage, and as she takes out her earring and puts it back on, she stands up and starts singing Diamond Crevasse to shine a light within the despair everyone is feeling. If I heard her singing in the middle of despair, it would definitely lift my spirits: everyone in the shelter seems to be feeling the same way.

Back at the macronization chamber, Klan has almost finished undergoing the macronization process. Alto and Michelle are doing a pretty good job at keeping the Vajura away from the entrance. Unfortunately, the Vajura unexpectedly break through one of the walls and starts attacking the macronization chamber. Michelle goes into action and manages to shoot down a couple of Vajura, which warms Klan’s heart as she watched him protect her. To her horror, she sees a Vajura about to attack him from behind, and despite her shouted warnings muffled by the chamber, she witnesses him being impaled.

After impaling Michelle and discarding him, the Vajura heads towards Klan’s macronization chamber for an attack. But Michelle isn’t down yet: he manages to fly to and grab the Vajura and empties his gun into the creature even as he’s coughing up blood. The Vajura dies and explodes, but it explodes in a bad place: the explosion blows a hole in the wall, which exposes the room to vacuum. As Michelle is being sucked out to space, he confesses his love to Klan, but I’m not sure Klan could hear him as she saw him sucked out before her very eyes.

The episode ends with Sheryl singing Diamond Crevasse, which continues into the ending credits. It’s a very fitting song for the episode, and the last image in the ending credits with a pair of broken glasses lying on the floor is especially poignant. I wish I had been wrong in the poll asking the most likely characters to die in Macross Frontier, but unfortunately I was proven right about Michelle dying. And even though Nanase didn’t die, she did get severely hurt in this episode. This episode indeed felt like a crevasse: everything is falling into a deep despair with the main colonization fleet under direct attack, the president dead, and with the loss of Michelle.

In the next episode, I hope we see a macronized Klan wrecking havoc with her vengeance: she certainly deserves it, and it would make me feel a bit better, too. Michelle was a pretty cool character, and I really hate seeing her in pain. Also, I hope we get to see Sheryl with a lot of her confidence back, and hopefully Leon won’t be having the easiest of times with his plot. I can’t wait for the next episode to be aired.

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By Shounen A

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