Slayers Revolution 6

Episode 6 of Slayers Revolution, “Fall on: Odd festival! Strange festival? Roll up that ball!”, starts off with a couple of loser wizards being asked by Deucriss to recover the replica Sword of Light from Pocota. He doesn’t expect them to succeed, but they will do until the presumably professional assassin Zuma arrives.

Meanwhile, Lina is chasing Pocota yet again, but this time he has done something far worse to her. He stole her food. He eventually gets away, though. As Lina catches her breath, they notice they’re in a village with a lot of balls lying around. Amelia heard from her father that there was such a village which was called the Gongola village.

An elder from the village shows up and asks Lina to be part of the Gongola Festival. Long story short, there are three sides to the village which compete to roll their ball up on top of a mound of similar balls, and the side that succeeds wins the competition. Lina is reluctant to cooperate, but an offer of a monetary reward and copious amounts of food immediately wins her support. Surprisingly, the reason Amelia’s father knew about the village was that he was a multiple time champion of the Gongola Festival, which also immediately fuels her resolve to help win the competition.

The other two sides have also managed to hire wizards. One side managed to hire Pocota, who oddly enough is motivated by the same reasons as Lina: money and food. The other side hired the wizard and his apprentice that Deucriss had instructed to steal the replica Sword of Light. They intend to steal it while Pocota is preoccupied by the competition, but considering that he usually stores it inside his body, I don’t see how they could manage it even if they were competent.

Before the break, Lina is about to animate a golem to move the ball. After the break, we see the results of her hard (?) work, a ungainly insect-like golem. Pocota does something a bit more innovative by making the ball itself a golem, while the last side uses a conventional golem that doesn’t stand out. These three golems are then run through an obstacle course while moving each of their respective balls until they reach a stadium where the battle stage is going to be held.

The battle stage is won by the team whose ball isn’t broken, so they fight amongst themselves by colliding the balls and hoping the other side’s ball breaks. Even the duo wizard team sent by Deucriss gets into the spirit of things and completely forgets about stealing the replica Sword of Light (not surprising, I think I implied they were incompetent). Although we get to learn one reason for the animosity between the three teams; the elders of each team seemed to be in love with the same old woman, who is presiding over the festival. The whole thing is childish, something Lina and friends have already noted previously.

Eventually, Pocota seems to have victory within his grasp, with the golem from one team destroyed and with Lina’s golem having fallen and unable to get up. But he should have paid more attention; the ball thrown up by the team with the destroyed golem falls toward his own ball and breaks both of them in half. Lina’s golem is also destroyed in the process. With Lina’s ball the only one left, there is no golem to roll it up on top of the mountain of balls.

With the only way to roll the ball up being manual labor, the three sides unite with the spirit of cooperation and work together to roll it on top of the mountain. With all of the villagers united in spirit and having a moment of harmony, this can’t last long with Lina and friends around. Amelia celebrates the occasion by getting on top of the ball that was just moved to the top, which destabilizes the balls and collapses the entire mountain of balls, at which point the episode ends.

This was a humorous filler episode. But it doesn’t advance the plot at all. Like Deucriss, I guess we’ll have to wait until Zuma appears for any progress. The preview suggests he might actually appear in the next episode, which apparently happens on a cruise ship. I have no idea why Lina and company would be on a cruise ship, and I had no idea Lina had a liking for girlish hair styles.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.