Slayers Revolution 7

Episode 7 of Slayers Revolution, “Gorgeous: Targeted Luxury Cruise Ship!?”, starts off on a ship. A rather luxurious cruise ship, in fact, as one would expect from the episode title. It has all the conveniences of modern cruise ships in our own world, where it even has a swimming pool. And Lina and friends get to take a ride on it on their way to Duchess Joconda’s mansion. They can afford the expensive ride with all the expensive extras thanks to Amelia, who is crying at the injustice of having to pay everything just because she’s a rich princess. Zelgadis agreeing is hardly a comfort, considering that he’s getting an expensive massage as he says so.

However, there appears to be one or more assassins targeting them, although at first they don’t realize it when a fork nearly misses Pocota and embeds itself in the deck. But the attempts on their lives aren’t particularly effective. When the unholy trio of Lina, Gourry, and Pocota are eating an enormous amount of food, they are served a monster that was supposed to eat them when it was revealed, but they just wonder if they can eat it. And Gourry actually thinks that it might be good food after taking a taste. There are further attempts at their lives in one of the corridors and in the bath.

At this point it’s obvious that they’re being targeted. Lina’s friends suspect it’s because of Lina’s reputation that they’re being targeted, which annoys her to no end. But when Pocota tries to leave by flying away, an arrow flies towards him and pins him to one of the masts. A note is attached to the arrow, which demands the replica Sword of Light and threatens to kill everyone else on board if they try to escape. At this point they’re attacked by a bunch of projectiles, which they avoid easily.

It appears that Zuma is finally going to make his appearance. We see the ninja character that appears in the opening sequence, which I guess is him. While Amelia is worried that they have no idea who is attacking them, Lina isn’t worrying too much and plans to draw their attacker into the open.

Lina and Pocota are implementing her plan after the break. The plan was to stage a convincing fight and eventually throw Pocota and his replica Sword of Light off board, which would presumably incite a reaction in the assassin. Their fight draws everyone on board to look at what’s going on, but despite Lina stressing that the fight should look authentic, their acting is so bad that everyone already knows it’s staged and they are wondering what Lina and Pocota are trying to do. But eventually their insults to each other gets them mad enough to make them start a real fight, but Lina still remembers to take out the replica Sword of Light and throw it and Pocota off board.

With the Sword of Light thrown off board, the assassin should have shown some response. Surprisingly, everyone jumps off board to chase the sword. It turns out that everyone on board except Lina’s party were hired by Joconda to retrieve the replica Sword of Light. Pocota gets on board a little boat that Zelgadis and Amelia had prepared beforehand. Seeing everyone swimming in the water chasing them, Zelgadis blasts them, much to the disappointment of Amelia who wanted to show off her passion for justice.

Meanwhile, back on the cruise ship, Zuma appears in front of Lina. He isn’t interested in the replica Sword of Light at all; he was hired by Joconda to eliminate Lina. As they fight, with Lina barely fending off Zuma’s attacks as she isn’t given enough time to cast magic, Zelgadis, Amelia, and Pocota head back to the ship to help her. Zelgadis appears to be the only one who has heard of Zuma, and he’s alarmed that Zuma is targeting Lina since Zuma has a reputation as being the best assassin in the world who has never failed to eliminate his target. And his reputation doesn’t seem to be hyperbole as Zuma almost manages to finish Lina off, but Gourry saves her in the nick of time.

Gourry is one of the best swordsmen in the world, regardless of his apparent lack of intelligence, so he should give Zuma a run for his money in a purely physical fight. Unfortunately, Zuma uses his hidden trump card: he exudes a black fog around the entire ship, which almost entirely inhibits visibility. Not only that, it also blocks any attempt at magic, which is catastrophic for Lina and her friends. This black fog is probably the primary reason why Zuma is so successful.

Fortunately, the black fog is not all-powerful. Pocota uses his replica Sword of Light to dispel the black fog, which gives Lina and Amelia a chance to attack Zuma with magic. While Lina’s attack looked like it hit, Zuma is standing uninjured when the smoke clears. Given his disadvantageous situation, Zuma retreats. He also seems to have made the conflict with Lina personal as the only one he failed to eliminate, whereas it was purely business beforehand, so the conflict against him will probably get messy in the future.

This episode was not only pretty hilarious, as most of the episodes have been so far, but it also advanced the plot with the appearance of Zuma. Hopefully we’ll see Lina and friends finally reaching their destination in the next episode, where the preview shows inspector Weiser and Xellos appearing. And it looks like Lina may have to fight against Xellos, which is a fight Lina clearly would not be wanting to be part of if she could help it.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.