Slayers Revolution 8

Episode 8 of Slayers Revolution, “Hurry Up: Interrupt! No, don’t interrupt?”, starts out with Lina and friends being dumbfounded when they encounter a building missing from their maps blocking their way to Luvinagard. It’s inspector Weiser’s handwork, or at least he claims to have prepared it specifically to capture Lina. It’s obvious it’s a trap, so Lina runs headlong into it to show just how poorly traps work against her, after having failed to convince Weiser that it was the accompanying Pocota who was actually responsible for the crimes she’s blamed for. And Pocota now probably has a grudge against Weiser for being considered a ventriloquist doll.

Inside the building, it turns out that Xellos and two of Deucriss’ hired hands are cooperating with inspector Weiser in her capture. Xellos wants the replica Sword of Light, while inspector Weiser wants Lina, or so they claim. (I’m getting the feeling that we can’t take their boasts at face value.) As to why Xellos wants the replica sword, he says it’s a secret, whereas Weiser claims that he’s so focused on capturing Lina since chasing her would look really good to the neighboring ladies. I should have known we wouldn’t learn anything of substance from these pair of weasels.

Inside the building, Lina falls for an extremely obvious trap by pressing a button that says to not push the button. Built on the advice of Xellos, it took good advantage of her inability to follow authority. Following this successful trap, Xellos has a bit of fun by having Weiser dress up and play out various ridiculous scenarios that would supposedly cause pity in Lina and have her turn herself in. Of course, none of them work, although I’m not sure Weiser is oblivious to it, and maybe he’s actually having some fun himself while pretending to be failing. I just can’t tell with him, unlike in the beginning of the series when I always thought he was full of hot air. In any case, after having his bit of fun, Xellos seems ready to get serious.

After the break, Lina and friends encounter yet another button, this time using the command tense following the buttons labeled with the negative tense and question tense in the first half of the episode. Pressing this button brings them to the final room in the building, where inspector Weiser is waiting. He uses a trump card: he brings up Lina’s family and asks what they would think of what she’s doing. And it actually works! Lina thinks of her sister at the mention of her family, and her terror of her sister soon has her turning herself in. (Just what did Luna Inverse do to her when they were kids?) Unfortunately for Weiser, it doesn’t work at all on Lina’s friends, who promptly knock him out.

Things get serious when Xellos shows up. Of course, Lina doesn’t surrender meekly, so Amelia, Gourry, and Zelgadis fight a losing battle against Xellos. Being the high-level Mazoku he is, Xellos fends off their attacks with ease and defeats them. Given the situation, where Lina probably can’t defeat him without using world-threatening magic spells (and maybe not even then, or at least it wouldn’t be a sure thing), she seemingly casts a desperate wind spell which also blows around her friends, including Pocota who is blown outside the building. This does not work, of course, so Lina meekly surrenders, to the surprise of everyone remaining.

Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis are cuffed and are taken into a horse carriage for transport to Joconda’s residence in Luvinagard. To everyone else’s complaints and expressions of surprise, she reveals that she surrendered because it was in their best interests, not because she felt the situation was helpless. By surrendering, they’ll be taken to Joconda’s place, which is where they were heading anyways, all the while being properly fed, and they wouldn’t have to spend a dime of their own money on the way. And with Pocota still at large, she’s counting on him to spring them out when the time comes. Although Pocota is complaining about the rough way Lina boot him outside.

In the next episode, “Insider: One who knows the truth!”, hopefully we’ll finally get to see why Deucriss and Joconda are so desperate to get the replica Sword of Light. We might even get to learn what their goals are if we’re lucky. The agendas of Xellos and Weiser are probably still a ways off from being revealed, though.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.