Slayers Revolution 9

Episode 9 of Slayers Revolution, “Insider: One who knows the truth!”, starts off with Joconda and Deucriss watching workers (who wear suspiciously modern work clothes) work on a number of magic tanks, and they’re ready to start selling them to foreign powers. Meanwhile, inspector Weiser has arrived with the “prisoners” in tow, although Lina and company don’t really treat it seriously. In fact, a whole company of soldiers who were waiting to guard against any attempt at escape by Lina and friends are terrified of her. Their terror only increases as Lina casts a harmless but impressive looking Burst Rondo. In any case, Lina and company are willingly taken to the dungeons in Joconda’s castle.

Inside the castle, Joconda is asking Weiser and Xellos why they brought Lina Inverse and her compatriots to her territory. Weiser hems and haws, but Xellos simply reveals that Lina surrendered deliberately so she could have an easy time getting to Joconda’s territory, where she could get to the bottom of any conspiracy. With Weiser present, Joconda denies that there is any conspiracy. She also vehemently denies the implication by Weiser that she might have something to do with the epidemic that struck Taforashia. And Joconda can’t openly eliminate Lina because Weiser informs her that a military inspection team is going to arrive in three days, which is when the magic tanks are supposed to be tested against Lina’s magic.

Inspector Weiser really does seem to be a very competent investigator who’s able to exude an air of utter incompetence, and he’s probably trying to derail any plans Joconda and her compatriots might have. For all I know, he might have simply made up the bit about the military inspection team arriving. But Xellos has his own agenda, and Weiser is promptly put out of commission.

Meanwhile, Pocota is taking his sweet time sneaking in to spring Lina and friends out of their dungeon cell. He even takes the time to scare a poor guard by flying with a helmet on and pretending to be a haunted helmet. But it’s not Pocota who reaches their cell. Ozelle is the one to open the door to their cell. She wants them to help her out in finding a vase containing the Red Priest Rezo’s soul. And to the shock of everyone, including me, Ozelle turns out to be a mechanical doll. The way her head fell off made it even more shocking. She is also rather naive, as she doesn’t even understand that she and Lina are supposedly enemies. I have no idea why she needs to find Rezo’s soul, but at least it explains why the hibernation spell cast on the residents of Taforashia has not broken yet. And who is it that’s controlling the doll?

After the break, just as Ozelle is about to tell everyone where the vase containing Rezo’s soul might be, they hear an explosion occur somewhere in the castle. Obviously it’s Pocota, so they start heading towards the explosion. As for Pocota himself, he had just blown his way into a laboratory of some sort, where it appears that living beings were used in an effort to create the perfect Zanafar armor. At this point Deucriss appears, and we get to see a flashback to when they were normal human beings and were loyal friends. Whatever Deucriss is aiming for, we also get to see that it’s not some selfish goal he’s after. He wants to help Taforashia in his own way, whatever it is, but he also wants revenge along the way. Although I have no idea against whom he wants revenge.

In another part of the castle, as Lina and company heads towards Pocota, they encounter Zuma. He’s really set his eyes on Lina, where he’s hating the fact that she got away before. But a little hand-to-hand combat by Gourry, who kept on stumbling this episode reaching for a non-existent sword, manages to get the group out of Zuma’s immediate reach. The group reaches an underground coliseum, where Duchess Joconda is waiting with her big sword.

Zuma soon arrives as well, and with Ozelle turning hostile because of some contract presumably with Joconda, Lina, Zelgadis, and Amelia are ready to wage battle with them. Close by, Gourry has engaged Joconda with an unwieldy giant stone sword that was made from Lina’s short-lived stone golem, which had been destroyed by an attack from Zuma. And Pocota is about to engage Deucriss with his replica Sword of Light, with Deucriss readying his own red replica Sword of Light. At least I think it’s a replica and not some lesser lightsaber-thingy.

With battle about to commence, the episode ends here. The next episode is bound to start with a bang. Although I’m still not sure who the title for this episode referred to. “Insider: One who knows the truth?”: who is the insider supposed to be referring to?

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.