Slayers Revolution 10

Episode 10 of Slayers Revolution, “Judgement: Silver resurrecting!”, starts off where it ended last episode, where Lina, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis are facing off Joconda, Zuma, and Ozelle in Joconda’s underground coliseum, while Pocota has commenced battle against Deucriss in the underground laboratory. Joconda’s group isn’t a pushover, and Lina and friends have a tough time fighting against them. Even Ozelle, the mechanical doll who wants to find the pot containing Rezo’s soul, fights effectively against Zelgadis and Amelia despite being reluctant, citing some contract forcing her to fight against them. Meanwhile, inspector Weiser Freion survived falling into the pit Xellos dropped him into and is nonchalantly trying to get out.

After fighting with lightsabers for a while (at least Pocota has a replica Sword of Light, I don’t know what Deucriss has), Pocota demands to know why Deucriss is venturing beyond the limits their people had set for magic, for fear of being destroyed like Sairag was. Deucriss wants power to save Taforashia, thinking that their lack of power put them near the brink of destruction. We also see flashbacks back to when the epidemic was spreading in Taforashia. There was no cure to the disease, and the Red Priest Rezo came to the rescue by freezing everyone until a cure could be found. It turns out that both Pocota and Deucriss were also infected so their bodies were frozen, too. Their current bodies is the creation of a magic pot used by Rezo, which I think contains at least part of Rezo’s soul, which incarnated them while leaving their real bodies frozen. Rezo had incarnated them in their current forms so that they could search for a way to heal their people.

After the lull in the fight between Pocota and Deucriss, Pocota does not agree with Deucriss’ thinking and cannot tolerate the abuses of magic Deucriss seems to be pursuing, so they begin to resume their fight. However, they’re rudely interrupted by Weiser, who falls out of the ceiling as he escaped from the pit he was trapped in. He effectively disrupts Deucriss’ trust in Joconda by revealing that she probably embezzled all the supplies that were being sent to Taforashia to help them out during their epidemic. This is enough to get Deucriss and Pocota agree on stopping the fight and heading to Duchess Joconda for answers.

Back at the coliseum, the fight is still on full throttle, with Xellos sitting in the spectator area and enjoying the show. Joconda is pretty good with her sword, considering that she’s holding her own against Gourry while wearing a skirt. Being impressed by Gourry’s swordsmanship, she even offers him marriage. He isn’t particularly tempted to marry a crazy lady like her, especially since there were already four other men who had married her, all of whom were killed by her in a sword fight in the very coliseum they were fighting in.

Having had enough of fighting with Lina in the open, Zuma exudes his magic suppressing black mist. He also taunts her by hurting Amelia and Zelgadis in the darkness so she can hear their cries of pain. Given the situation, Lina decides to use a trump card: she casts the Ragna Blade. Like the Sword of Light, the Ragna Blade is able to dispel the black mist. With the strain it puts on her body, Lina hurries to strike a finishing blow on Zuma, but Ozelle intercepts the blade with her body, explaining that it was part of her contract. Just who had Ozelle made a contract with, and what kind of contract is it for her to protect Zuma? I don’t think Zuma is the one she has a contract with: he doesn’t seem to be the type to get someone to protect him. It could be Joconda, but I think it’s someone else. Perhaps the contract is with Rezo or Xellos?

Having failed to finish off Zuma, the strain forces Lina to dispel the Ragna Blade. Having spent all her energy, Lina is helpless as Zuma grabs her throat and starts choking her to death. Gourry, who’s still fighting with Joconda, notices the peril she’s in and throws his stone sword at Zuma, who blocks it easily. But this time it’s Gourry in danger, as Joconda is about to strike him while he’s unarmed. It’s right then that Pocota arrives at the coliseum and tosses him the Sword of Light, which he promptly uses to break the blade of Joconda’s sword. Gourry and Lina manages to cut off both of Zuma’s arms with difficulty, and Zuma escapes by vanishing into thin air.

The fight is now over, with Zuma having escaped and Ozelle out of comission by having been stabbed with the Ragna Blade. With Pocota, Deucriss, and Weiser having arrived at the coliseum, Deucriss demands the truth about suspicions that she embezzled supplies that were meant to help Taforashia. She’s unable to hide the truth, especially with Weiser around to point little things like all the supplies disappearing in her territory.

Deucriss is extremely infuriated at what she had done. He doesn’t kill her, though. He wants her to suffer, and he attacks her with his own red replica Sword of Light (presumably). One might think this doesn’t make sense, but it does: Joconda is wearing a complete version of the Zanafar armor he made thanks to the Claire Bible fragment Xellos showed him. And here we learn that Deucriss wasn’t really interested in the Zanafar armor as protection against magic. He wanted to summon Zanafar the magic beast, and the Zanafar armor was a step towards that goal. I think that’s why he wanted Pocota’s Sword of Light; it’s not because it can cut through the Zanafar armor, but because it could be used to release Zanafar.

Zanafar is released from Joconda’s armor as she is writhing with pain, although I’m not sure if Joconda was absorbed as part of Zanafar or whether all her life energy was sucked out since they don’t show us what remains of her. Xellos looks quite satisfied at the turn of events, and Deucriss has achieved his goal of summoning Zanafar, although we still don’t know what they want with the magic beast. Everyone else faces Zanafar, probably with the same thought I have: what comes next? What should they do about it?

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.