Slayers Revolution 11

Episode 11 of Slayers Revolution, “Keep out: Creeping magic beast!”, starts with Zanafar freshly revived and Lina and company escaping from Joconda’s castle. This was a wise decision, since it’s completely destroyed when Zanafar emerged outside. Zanafar had absorbed Joconda, which includes all of her knowledge and experience, so it’s actually able to speak.

Lina wants to destroy the creature before the problem gets worse, so Lina, Amelia, Zelgadis, and Pocota attack Zanafar with their magic, but their ordinary magic spells don’t work against the creature. During their attack, I was thinking that Lina should bring out the big guns and use the Dragon Slave from the beginning. Lina is no dummy, and she thinks the same thing as she promptly casts the Dragon Slave.

I think she half-expected the Dragon Slave not to work, though, considering the properties of the Zanafar armor, something that hadn’t occurred to me. And she was right; Zanafar is immune against magic, so the Dragon Slave failed to damage the beast. Pocota realizes the creature’s weakness, however; like the Zanafar armor, it can be harmed by the Sword of Light. Unfortunately, being a replica, Pocota’s Sword of Light putters out before he can use it. Zanafar soon goes on its own way, followed by Deucriss and Xellos. Xellos is following since he wants to observe what happens with Zanafar, and tells Deucriss that the Mazoku wouldn’t be very happy if mass production of Zanafar occurred.

Back at a different town, Lina and friends are having a meal. Surprisingly, it’s not an unholy trio eating huge amounts of food: only the unholy duo of Lina and Gourry are eating ravenously. Pocota doesn’t seem to have much of an appetite. During the meal, we learn the Zanafar was a magic creature that almost destroyed Sairag, and that it was only barely defeated using the Sword of Light.

The next morning, with Zanafar having destroyed a city during the night, Deucriss starts negotiating with Zanafar. Unlike too many antagonists in fiction, Deucriss is one of the few smart enough to realize that just because you revived something doesn’t mean you can order it around. He wants Zanafar to destroy the countries around Taforashia, and Zanafar wants to absorb a great number of humans so that it can grow and reproduce. By having Zanafar continue his destruction, both of them are getting what they want. However, Xellos mutters to himself that mass reproduction of Zanafar is not a very palatable result, so I think we can expect him to backstab Deucriss soon enough.

As Zanafar continues on its path of death and destruction, absorbing a huge number of humans along the way, including all of their knowledge, Xellos asks what Deucriss’ motivation is. We finally learn what Deucriss wanted to have revenge against: it’s all of the surrounding countries that didn’t help Taforashia in its time of crisis. Even with the supplies having been sent to support Taforashia, which ended up being embezzled by Joconda, it just enrages Deucriss even more that they didn’t even check whether the supplies arrived safely. That’s why he wants all of the nearby countries to be destroyed.

By now everyone had noticed how withdrawn Pocota seemed to be. That’s why when Pocota tried to run off at night so as not to involve the others in the fight against Zanafar and Deucriss, everyone managed to surprise him and promised to help him out in defeating Zanafar. With everyone back together, we find that Pocota has a pretty good idea of what Deucriss is thinking. At Amelia’s outrage at how cruel it was for the surrounding countries not to help Taforashia properly, Weiser reveals that Seyroon was one of them, which depresses the usually chirpy Amelia.

If Amelia or her father were ruling Seyroon ten years ago, which was when Taforashia was being swept by the Duran epidemic, they would no doubt have helped as much as they could. I’m sure everyone knows this, so they manage to cheer Amelia up. But when they start wondering where Zanafar is going to go next, Pocota’s replica Sword of Light starts resonating and extends a beam of light towards Zanafar’s next target, Seyroon.

In the next episode, Seyroon is going to be attacked by Zanafar. I wouldn’t put it past Prince Phil, Amelia’s father, to knock some sense into Deucriss with his boisterous nature and sense of justice. Unlikely, but even if he manages to do so, Zanafar would still be loose. And we have yet to see how Rezo’s soul is related to all this; I wouldn’t be surprised if Ozelle showed up again sooner or later, despite having been stabbed by the Ragna Blade. And I still have no idea who the mechanical doll has a contract with.

By Shounen A

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