Slayers Revolution 13

The thirteenth and final episode of Slayers Revolution, “Misty: A sword swung down!”, starts off with Gourry doing pretty well against Zanafar using the replica Sword of Light. But he’s not able to inflict anywhere near the damage that would be required to stop the magic beast, and Zanafar goes underground after declaring his intention to have the humans experience despair.

Meanwhile, Lina and Sylphiel face off against Deucriss. Like me, Lina notes certain oddities in what Deucriss is doing. He withheld Zanafar from attacking when Lina and Gourry were exhausted, and Lina mentions that the reason Deucriss is trying to kill her is to prevent Zanafar from absorbing Lina’s knowledge of magic powered by the Lord of Nightmares. It’s almost as if Deucriss wants the humans to have a fighting chance against Zanafar, but not too good a chance. Deucriss then spouts off about leaving it to fate whether humanity should be destroyed by Zanafar for their sins or if they deserve to prevail over the magic beast. Prince Phil should really knock some sense into Deucriss, but he’s too busy evacuating the civilians from the city.

Back at the remains of Duchess Joconda’s castle, the mechanical doll Ozelle starts to recover from the blow she received from Lina’s Ragna Blade. As she awakens, she talks to herself and wonders if everything that is happening is what the Red Priest Rezo wanted. It makes me think that the one Ozelle has a contract with is Rezo himself, despite him being technically dead. It would explain why she seeks the vessel holding his soul, and it would also explain how she knew about Lina’s highest level of magic spells powered by the Lord of Nightmares, details that were passed on to Deucriss.

Back at the capital city of Seyroon, Lina and Sylphiel are joined by Gourry, Amelia, Zelgadis, and Pocota. Zanafar soon emerges from the ground, and it promptly betrays Deucriss, severely injuring him so that the he would be absorbed by the Zanafar armor he’s wearing and give birth to another Zanafar. Pocota heads to the injured Deucriss, while Lina and friends chase after Zanafar, which is now moving towards the group of soldiers and wizards that Prince Phil have prepared against Zanafar.

Unfortunately for Prince Phil, the magic and cannon attacks he musters are at best a distraction for Zanafar. Lina seems to have a plan in mind, though, as she has Sylphiel pass on instructions for Prince Phil. And just before the break, Deucriss bares his soul to Pocota in the short time he has remaining before being absorbed into another Zanafar.


After the break, we see a fierce battle being waged between the humans and Zanafar, although most of the humans’ attacks are ineffective. Inspector Weiser and Xellos are watching the battle from afar. Weiser probably got what he wanted with the removal of Duchess Joconda, and all that’s left is to get rid of Zanafar, which is a fight that Weiser won’t be much help with. Xellos, on the other hand, reveals that he’s after another goal entirely, something that is only tangentially related with Zanafar. Whatever it is, we’ll probably have to wait for another series in the Slayers franchise to learn what it is, although I have a suspicion that it has something to do with Rezo.

As Zanafar fights against the humans, it gloats about being created as an out of control weapon that Sairag developed against the Mazoku and the gods. It’s feeling pretty confident and thinks it can defeat the humans, the Mazoku, and even the gods, at which point Lina puts her plan in motion. Seyroon’s wizards cast a rain-making spell, and all of the magic users cast freezing spells against Zanafar. This won’t be enough to kill it, but it’s enough to immobilize Zanafar so that Gourry can strike it with the replica Sword of Light.

Unfortunately, the sword proves itself to be a replica as it sputters out at this critical moment. Lina starts casting the Ragna Blade in desperation, but Zanafar starts breaking out of his icy prison, and it looks like Lina won’t be able to cast the spell in time. Just as Zanafar breaks free and is about to fire a blast at her, a half-transformed Deucriss comes to the rescue and injures Zanafar’s eyes with his own red replica Sword of Light. At least I’m sure it’s one, since it actually managed to injure Zanafar.

With the time bought by Deucriss, Lina is able to successfully cast the Ragna Blade. Together with a revived Sword of Light, Lina and Gourry manage to nearly severe Zanafar’s neck. And Lina finishes the creature off with her signature move, the Dragon Slave.

In the aftermath, Pocota plants a seed from the holy tree Flagoon nearby Zanafar’s corpse, which would absorb and purify the evil aura from the corpse. Deucriss suddenly ambushes the party, but Pocota stops Lina and friends from killing him. It turns out that Deucriss was freed from his madness when he was struck by Zanafar’s blast and wanted to atone for his sins with his death, but Pocota recognized that he regained his sanity. Deucriss wants Pocota to kill him, but Pocota can’t strike him. Prince Phil and Lina convince Deucriss that everyone makes mistakes and the best one can do is to try and stay on the correct path, and Deucriss embarks on a journey of atonement.

The series ends on this note, with Lina having the same questions as we have: we still do not know what the deal is with Ozelle and the vessel containing Rezo’s soul. And we have yet to learn what Xellos’ agenda is. The final scene ominously shows an armless Zuma consumed with rage. And it looks like he has the vessel with Rezo’s soul. With the end of Slayers Revolution, we will have to wait for the sequel series for the other half of the plot.

The End

By Shounen A

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