Hyakko 2

The first half of episode 2, “No tiger cub without entering tiger’s cave”, is about the four new friends Torako, Suzume, Ayumi, and Tatsuki finding a school club to enter. Or at least Torako is trying to: Tatsuki is steadily getting enraged by Torako ignoring what she says. Tatsuki also has no intention of being part of a school club, which Torako glosses over. On the other hand, Ayumi wants to enter the literature club and Suzume wants to enter the “school lunch” club (obviously there’s no such club, but it’s further confirmation of where her priorities lie), but the group tries out baseball at the whims of Torako.

Unfortunately for Torako (and probably fortunately for Tatsuki), the school only has a baseball team for boys. Using Ayumi’s feminine charms, however, Torako manages to convince the boys’ team to lend their baseball ground and equipment for the group to try out baseball. Torako manages to provoke Tatsuki into a batting match where Tatsuki is to hit the ball Torako pitches. Torako throws an impressively powerful ball; it just turns out to be a dead ball, which finally pushes Tatsuki over the edge with her trying to do bodily harm against Torako.

After the break, the pattern pretty much repeats with the tennis club, basketball club, tea club, calligraphy club, and the floral club. It steadily becomes more of a competition between Torako and Tatsuki rather than a search for a school club. They finally try out soccer, and Tatsuki is finally frustrated enough that she wants to crush Torako. It still ends up following the same pattern, though, except that Torako tackles Tatsuki deliberately this time and Suzume is out of commission due to hunger.

The next day, Torako wants to resume the previous day’s “tour” of school clubs. However, Tatsuki has wisely returned home from school early this time, at which point the episode ends.

This episode turned out to be a funny parody of the sports genre, with the hijinks between Torako and Tatsuki being the main driver. While the animation quality doesn’t seem to be as high as the first episode, it is much more eventful and hilarious. And it further strengthens my belief that Hyakko is an anime you need to watch and not read about to enjoy, although the manga itself is probably just as good.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.