Hyakko 3

The first half of Hyakko episode 3 is about Torako fulfilling her duties. This may be odd considering that she doesn’t seem to be the type to care too much about duty, but it turns out that she was appointed the class overseer for discipline in her absence during the first days of school (no one else wanted the job). Incidentally, Suzume also got the job of managing plants for the class, although she imagines the job to actually be a plant …

Andou Nene
Andou Nene

They learn about their new jobs from Andou Nene, who turns out to be the very unlikely class representative. Torako’s first job as the disciplinary committee member is to make sure that students follow the dress code the following morning. It’s basically just for show since there’s no penalty for violating the dress code. The next morning, Torako and Nene are checking out the student uniforms, the former quite unwillingly while the latter is enthusiastic about it.

Nene is more active in checking out the uniforms of female students and pointing out students who are out of line, although her own form of dress negates any criticism she could level. Actually, Nene seems to be more interested in checking out the girls instead of checking conformance to the dress code. After several hilarious encounters with the very unorthodox girls in their class, Torako finally asks if Nene prefers girls, to which Nene openly declares her bisexuality and dumbfounds everyone.

Susugazaki Chie
Susugazaki Chie

The second half of the episode is about Susugazaki Chie, a girl who is really crazy about building robots. In fact, it starts off with her laughing like a mad scientist. One of her creations, a bipedal robot, totally surprises and impresses Torako, Tatsuki, Ayumi, and Suzume. It impresses me, too, in that a bipedal robot isn’t something totally out of reach of believability but is very impressive for a high school student to build, even though the robot’s silly appearance might make one think otherwise.

One of Chie’s dreams is to work at the electronics giant E-lectra. Tatsuki unintentionally mentions that her family heads the giant company, which gains her a worshipper out of Chie. Chie also built other types of robots, and upon seeing them Torako asks if she could help build one, too. I feared what kind of abomination Torako could have been making, but I need not have feared. The next day, it turns out that Torako built a robot to substitute herself so that she could skip school, which pisses off the teacher tremendously. At least after another day, Torako showed up in class properly, but this time Suzume did the same thing.

This episode was another hilarious episode, even though you might not get the feeling from this summary. All the oddball characters and their interactions, not to mention other small details, were a source of great laughs. The preview indicates that the next episode will be something about food, which should make Suzume a central character, but I wonder what’s going to get everyone else so agitated?

By Shounen A

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