Hyakko 4

The first half of episode 4 of Hyakko, “Drinking Milk, Eating Horses, Tigers Eating”, is about the girls’ adventure in the cafeteria. Having not brought a lunch box, Torako hunts for someone to drag along to the cafeteria for lunch. Ayumi is her victim, while Suzume is a willing accomplice. And Tatsuki is collateral damage as the girls all meet up at the cafeteria.

At the cafeteria, we get to see the quirks of their various classmates. We see the creepy girl vacating a wide space around her while she eats, the tall but timid girl crying as she is wracked with guilt while buying lunch, the paparazzi girl who takes pictures everywhere, and the pervert girl Nene, the class representative who looks forward to having a tasty lunch, although I have my doubts that she’s talking about the food …

While Torako, Suzume, Ayumi, and Tatsuki eat lunch, we get to see the continuing conflict between Torako and Tatsuki as they bicker like children. Ayumi is also victimized as Torako changes her order to larger portions, and Ayumi is saddened by having too much food. Oddly enough, Torako also ordered too much food for lunch and is just as saddened. But Suzume shows her high metabolism yet again as she not only eats her own lunch with larger portions, not only does she eat the leftovers from Ayumi and Torako, but she also eats a whole separate dish of pork cutlet rice. While Ayumi is impressed that Suzume doesn’t get fat with all the food she eats, Suzume herself is disappointed about not getting fatter in particular portions of her body …

Kobayashi Koma
Kobayashi Koma

The second half of the episode, titled “A Tiger Brings Along a Tiger”, is about the class’ antics as they are supposed to sketch each other in art class. Nene is very happy as she gets a justifiable opportunity to ogle the timid girl quite closely to the point of terror. Chie is worried that she drew the creepy girl as too creepy, but the creepy girl actually seems to like it that way. Kobayashi Koma, the paparazzi girl, teams up with Torako to sketch Ayumi. To Ayumi’s chagrin, they spend all their time getting the reluctant Ayumi into provocative poses, not to mention that they don’t actually spend anytime sketching: Koma spends all her time taking pictures. And Tatsuki is panicked when Suzume shows a lack of societal conventions in her chosen pose.

When it comes time to switch between sketchers and models, Torako quite eagerly dives into the role of a model and enthusiastically poses provocatively. Unfortunately for her, this provokes the openly bisexual Nene, and Torako ends up terrified at Nene’s advances. With Koma taking pictures at the potential scandal and the rest of the class making a fuss, Tatsuki explodes and gets the unruly girls to take the art class seriously. Outside, we see an extra scene with two girls drawing the centerpiece statue of the campus and their cute interaction, although I’m not sure who the girls are supposed to be. Back inside, the class is drawing calmly in a serious atmosphere, but Torako ruins the mood as she reveals her non-serious sketch of Tatsuki.

In the next episode, the preview implies that we’ll be seeing Torako interacting with the seeming delinquent of the class.

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