Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 3

Episode 3 of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, “Rotten Fruit”, is about a very popular young idol singer, Moriyama Jun. Yuzuki and Akie see her when they encounter a crowd watching the shooting of a drama she appears in. Normally that would be the closest they get to her, but they save her from a perverted fan who is about to decently expose himself. In gratitude, Jun invites them to dinner at the hotel she is staying.

When they arrive at the hotel, a girl named Momota Masako approaches them and asks to deliver an envelope to Jun. During dinner, Yuzuki and Akie learn about Masako’s dream of becoming a singer beloved and remembered by everyone. The president of her talent agency and her manager, who are also there, genuinely seems to like Jun and is very supportive of her. But when Yuzuki remembers about the envelope Masako asked to deliver after getting an autograph from Jun, the manager shakily takes it and opens the envelope, spilling the contents as he did so. Yuzuki and Akie are surprised to see that it’s pictures of Jun in provocative poses.

When they leave the hotel after promising not to say anything about the pictures, Masako is waiting for them outside. Masako explains why she hates Jun. She entered the same talent agency the same time as Jun did, although it’s a different talent agency than the one Jun is part of now. While at the agency, Jun was a very mean-spirited girl who often tormented Masako.

After Masako explains her motivation, she sings in front of Yuzuki and Akie to show off her talent as a singer. However, it becomes quite clear why Masako would not be able to succeed as a singer, although Masako herself seems to lack awareness of how talentless she is in singing. Soon after, Jun arrives. She seems to sincerely regret the way she treated Masako and apologizes deeply, but this isn’t enough for Masako.

Masako demands that Jun help her debut as a singer with help from Jun’s talent agency. But Jun knows as well as Yuzuki and Akie does how hopeless Masako is in singing and refuses. Masako should have listened to what everyone is saying about her singing and looked for something else to do, but of course she doesn’t. That night she contacts the Jigoku Shoujo. Yuzuki sees the encounter while at home, but she isn’t able to do anything.

The next day we see Jun’s manager bribing Masako for the pictures. Some time later, Yuzuki and Akie are heading to Jun’s concert. They inadvertently witness the agency president and manager obliquely talking about the bribe, but the two consider it as a distasteful but necessary evil and again we can see that they genuinely care for Jun. In the concert hall, Yuzuki and Akie also see Masako among the audience, but Yuzuki can’t do anything about her despite the dread she is feeling. After finishing a song during the concert, Jun publicly apologizes for the horrible way she treated Masako, although her name isn’t mentioned.

Despite Jun’s public apology, it’s still not enough for Masako, and she pulls the string off the voodoo doll. And yet again Yuzuki experiences the emergence of Enma Ai and witnesses Jun being sent to hell, never to be seen again. Quite some time later, her former manager and agency president are at the Budokan, wishing that Jun was still around so she could have had the chance to sing in the most prestigious concert hall in Japan as planned. They are not the only ones who think so, as a large crowd of her fans gather around the Budokan in remembrance. Meanwhile, Masako leaves the area with her spirit numbed.

This is the third time in a row that someone was undeservedly sent to hell. Is this a deliberate effort by Ai as she is conspiring to accomplish something? Is she trying to make a point to someone? I wonder how long Yuzuki could take it before she breaks down somehow.

By Shounen A

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I love this episode. It just portrays one of the injustices in this world, when one asks for forgiveness but the other refuses to forgive and still cherish their hatred.

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