Hyakko 5

The first half of Hyakko episode 5, “Meeting connection, tiger connection”, starts out with a boy creepily printing out pictures of some students at Kamizono High School. It’s all for the sake of satisfying a certain market that exists in the school: love-struck students who want photographs of those they have a crush on. A male friend of his is weirded out by how enthusiastic he is about free market capitalism and money, which is his justification for selling the photos. He even has a business associate in one of the lower grades, which happens to be Kobayashi Koma, the paparazzi girl. And to think I thought they may have been rivals …

However, when the friend sets his eyes on a certain picture of Ayumi, he too ends up being love-struck and inquires as to who appears in the photograph. And his expression of love is positively Shakespearean, and stands out even more than the capitalist’s exclamations. The friend immediately buys the picture for 500 yen, and he swoons over it alone at one of the corridor windows. He ponders over whether it was worth the price, but he ultimately decides that it was more than worth it. Unfortunately, a gust of wind just happens to blow the picture out of his hands, which has him frantically grabbing for it.

It also just so happens that Ayumi is walking in the same corridor, and mistaking his actions as an attempt to commit suicide by jumping out the window, she runs towards him to stop him. She’s a bit clumsy, though, and ironically pushes the boy out the window as she slips. Fortunately, it’s only the second floor. When Ayumi runs down to see if the boy is OK, which he is, the boy panics as he realizes the main subject of the photograph is right in front of him, afraid that she would think him as some sort of deviant. But he eventually calms down.

Later, we see Ayumi talking with Torako about what happened, but the conversation is weird since it sounds like it was Torako that the boy confessed to liking, not Ayumi. Things clear up soon enough as we learn that the boy has a crush on Torako, and he bought the picture of Ayumi because Torako appears in the background. And when Koma shows him one of the provocative pictures of Torako from the last episode, it completely shorts out his mental processes. It’s too bad for the boy that Torako completely forgets about it in just a few days, though.

In the second half of the episode, “Following around a person, fighting with a tiger”, Torako is late for school as she is waiting for the bus to arrive. Given her impatience, she soon gives up waiting for the bus and heads to a convenience store to eat. Coincidentally, the apparent delinquent of the class also happens to be at the store. Torako decides that she’s already late enough so that she’ll skip school and follow around the apparent delinquent, who I’ll call Ushio. Torako’s absence from school does make Tatsuki rather happy.

Ushio is annoyed at Torako following her around, and continues to deny that she’s not a delinquent, that delinquency isn’t the reason that she’s skipping school. There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason why she’s not going to school, though. At Torako’s suggestion, they head for karaoke. Torako makes fun of Ushio’s poor singing, and with Ushio noting that Torako’s singing is just as poor, they start a fist fight. The moment when they almost punch each other out is interrupted by one of the karaoke employees, however.

Now at lunch time, Torako and Ushio head to a convenience store to buy lunch, since Ushio claims to not have enough money to spend in a restaurant. Contrary to Torako’s impression of Ushio being a delinquent, Ushio eats pudding for lunch. Even more unexpectedly, Ushio completely swoons over a stray cat by its cuteness. And even though she doesn’t want Torako to think of her as particularly girlish, Ushio just can’t help herself from being starry-eyed at the cat.

Makunouchi Ushio
Makunouchi Ushio

Having revised her opinion of Ushio from a delinquent to a non-delinquent, Torako suggests that they head to school. And despite having spent more than half a day together, they only now exchange names, with Ushio’s name being Makunouchi Ushio (there’s a reason I called her Ushio …). In fact, it is only when they arrive at their classroom at school do they realize that they’re in the same class. Having arrived at school only after all the classes were over, their homeroom teacher blows his top (verbally) and assigns them cleaning duty. But Torako manages to annoy Ushio to the end as she goofs off.

By Shounen A

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