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The first half of episode 7 of Hyakko, “Hundredth year since meeting of fox and tiger”, starts off with Yanagi, the capitalist from episode 5, and Koma ready to enthusiastically take new pictures for the new season, as new demand is created with the switch to summer school uniforms. A bored friend of Yanagi’s comes across them, who has a really sinister-looking face but probably not so evil in reality, and he joins them to amuse himself. His name is Kitsune, which Koma finds to be an odd name, but Kitsune could say the same about hers.

In their quest to take pictures, they eventually encounter Ayumi, who is talking with Ushio and Chie outside. With Ayumi’s innocent looks, Kitsune has the urge to do something terrible to her to make her cry, which has Yanagi commenting on Kitsune’s “do-S” tendencies (hint: “do” is an adjective meaning extreme and “S” is the first letter in “S&M”). As Kitsune approaches her ominously, Ayumi starts getting nervous about what he’s intending. And when he reaches her, Kitsune does something terrible: he flips her skirt.

OK, it’s not that terrible, but it does succeed in shocking Ayumi, to the amusement of Kitsune. Meanwhile, Koma and Yanagi still hurriedly takes pictures of the event, although they’re sad that they won’t be able to make them available for purchase.

Later on, Yanagi, Kitsune, and Koma are discretely taking pictures of Torako playing with a kitten as Suzume and Tatsuki are looking on. Kitsune finds it very funny when he hears about Shishimaru, the love-struck idiot also from episode 5, having an extreme crush on Torako. It’s then that Shishimaru himself shows up, who can’t seem to decide whether he wants the group to surreptitiously take pictures or not. He does eventually force them to take pictures openly, with himself still in hiding.

Kageyama Kitsune
Kageyama Kitsune

It turns out Kitsune is Torako’s big brother. Soon enough inside the school, an amused Kitsune has grabbed Torako and is making fun of her. Ayumi and Tatsuki thinks the two don’t resemble each other, while Suzume is having a hankering for ramen. Kitsune seems to be one of the few people that Torako is vulnerable against. Ayumi gets unintentionally tormented herself when everyone starts talking about her panties when Kitsune’s flipping of her skirt comes up as a topic. Kitsune handles the situation by flipping Torako’s skirt in turn, which also knocks down Nene.

In the second half of the episode, “The fox that earned the anger of the tiger”, Torako is complaining about her big brother, where we learn that Kitsune has always enjoyed tormenting his little sister. At the same time, Kitune is laughing from the amusement he got out of Torako. He’s flabbergasted at Shishimaru’s idiotic dedication to Torako, though, so he decides to have some more fun.

At lunch time, Kitsune is tormenting Torako further by having lunch with her along with Shishimaru. He’s also enjoying the extreme nervousness that Shishimaru is experiencing. To amuse himself even further, he surreptitiously pours hot spices into Torako’s shoyu ramen and runs away while laughing at her reaction. As he withdraws, he encounters Ayumi, who is soon followed by Tatsuki and Suzume. He stops them from joining Torako, and he observes what’s happening with the awkward couple.

Finding her ramen being too spicy to eat, Torako is resenting her big brother for spoiling her food. With the two both being red-faced, Torako from the spicy food and Shishimaru from nervousness, Shishimaru hesitantly offers to exchange food. This causes Shishimaru to become heart-stoppingly happy as she shyly asks for the exchange. Meanwhile, the other three girls are wondering what Kitsune wanted from them, and Kitsune leaves them speechless as he jokingly asks to see Ayumi’s panties again.

The episode almost ends with an encounter between Kitsune and an apparently cold girl, who simply acknowledges Kitsune when he says he just ate lunch with Torako. What was that all about? The final scene is a cute skit between the recurring two kids, one of whom I’m beginning to think must be related to Suzume somehow. Anyways, while Torako and Kitsune don’t resemble each other much outwardly, they do resemble each other inwardly with their easily amused and impulsive attitude, although Kitsune is much more active in causing mischief.

Going by the preview, I think we’ll finally get to see horror with the creepy girl next episode. Or at least the characters might experience horror: I suspect that us viewers will find it hilarious.

By Shounen A

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