Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 6

Episode 6 of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, “My Teacher”, starts off with a lone girl in a street connecting to the Jigoku Tsushin with her cellphone. Once connected, Kikuri appears and gives the girl an eyeball, obviously in reference to Ichimoku Ren. The episode then pans to the opening sequence.

After the opening credits, we see a flashback where the Jigoku Shoujo crew are having a jovial conversation about the girl having a grudge against Ichimoku Ren. At least this shows that they are not immune to being a request to the Jigoku Tsushin, although obviously they’re not targets that Ai would accept. However, Ichimoku Ren is oddly happy about being hated: he’s concluding that it must be an extreme fan of his whose love turned to hate.

Back in the present, Hone Onna, a.k.a. Miss Anna Soneh to her students, is overseeing a group of girls practicing gymnastics for an upcoming competition. It’s interesting to see that the Jigoku Tsushin assistants being very engaged in the school’s operations. Enma Ai and her crew must be pretty vigilant in not letting Yuzuki see any of the assistants during their operations, since Yuzuki doesn’t recognize any of the teachers as such. And Hone Onna is pretty popular with the girls, among them a girl named Morohoshi who is a big fan of hers. By the way, Yuzuki’s friend Akie also happens to be a closet fan.

When Hone Onna comes back from school, she finds Ichimoku Ren completely depressed and crouching in the corner. It turns out that when he peeked at Serizawa, the lone girl that appeared in the beginning of the episode, he discovered that her crush was on Hone Onna, not him. Because of the impression that a lot of the students had of Ichimoku Ren and Hone Onna being intimate, Serizawa developed a grudge against Ichimoku Ren. This is a big blow to Ichimoku Ren’s narcissism.

To get some insight into Serizawa’s character, Hone Onna secures Yamawaro’s cooperation in approaching her. We get to see a hint of what his powers are, as he blows some leaves in front of Serizawa’s eyes and makes her fall from her bike. It seems his powers are either related to plants or the wind, although I’m leaning to the former. Anyways, Hone Onna uses the “accident” to approach Serizawa and have a nice long talk with her, and comes away with the impression that Serizawa is a nice young girl who is unlikely to access the Jigoku Tsushin again.

So far the episode has been rather jovial in atmosphere, with a lot of humor to lighten things up. However, just before the break, Serizawa pulls off the bandage that Hone Onna had applied to the girl’s knee, which was hurt when she fell from her bike, and ominously stares at it with a happy smile like an obsessive stalker would.

After the break, Morohoshi is boasting to her friends how she got a bandage from Hone Onna. However, she experiences a bout of jealousy as she notices that Serizawa has the same bandage on her neck. After dragging Serizawa outside, Morohoshi interrogates her demanding to know why she has that same brand of bandage, and rips it away to see that Serizawa also treated the bandage as a sign of affection from Hone Onna. As Morohoshi walks away with an apparently cowed Serizawa behind, Serizawa changes her demeanor from a frightened girl to her true colors, a girl who would do anything to get what she wants.

That night, Morohoshi turns out to be yet another example of someone who has no sense of proportion as she summons the Jigoku Shoujo against Serizawa. The next day after class, Morohoshi finds her shoes dumped in a bucket of dirty water. Serizawa just “happens” to walk in at that moment, and Morohoshi roughly accuses her of being the culprit. This is the moment that Serizawa was waiting for, and she goes on to claim that she only did it because Hone Onna asked her to, since supposedly Miss Soneh found Morohoshi to be an annoying bother.

I’m pretty sure Morohoshi doesn’t really believe Serizawa’s claims, but it still incenses her so much that she goes to her bag to take out the voodoo doll and pulls off the red string. Serizawa immediately finds herself in another realm, where there’s a race for “Juliet”, Hone Onna. She uses every dirty trick on her competitors, and even kicks Enma Ai off the rope they’re climbing in her scramble to her teacher. But when she finally reaches her goal, she’s frightened when she sees the bones showing on Hone Onna.

At this point, Enma Ai finally sends Serizawa to hell. Interestingly, Ai seems to have been hurt, either by Serizawa’s kick or the long fall, as she keeps on wincing as she’s sending Serizawa to hell. This makes me very curious on what it’s supposed to imply. Does it mean that Ai is now more “human”? Will her injuries also appear on Yuzuki?

At the end of the episode, Morohoshi has now gotten over her crush of Hone Onna and has a new one: this time for Wanyudo. This episode had a couple of teenagers overreacting like kids, not surprising since they are kids, but with the viciousness and ruthlessness of an adult. Not a good combination. And it was somewhat surprising that the one who first contacted the Jigoku Tsushin would end up being sent to hell, given how much focus was on Serizawa in the first half of the episode.

But the really interesting part of this episode is the fact that Enma Ai was hurt during her duties as the Jigoku Shoujo. I think this has some important ramifications: I just don’t know what they are. And maybe Yuzuki should start preparing some painkillers to ease the pain when Ai emerges, given how many times it has happened and with how she knows it’s going to happen in advance. This is also the third time someone directly related to the school has disappeared without a trace: sooner or later someone is going to notice something odd going on.

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I <3 ichimoku ren!!!!!!!! I saw that episode and waz sorta freaked out by it. I mean I'm not bias against leisbains or bisexuals but that waz crazy obsession type of scary that scared my bro and he is a little afraid of anime now…..yea…..potato….

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