Hyakko 10

Kazamatsuri Touma
Kazamatsuri Touma

Episode 10 of Hyakko, “Wings for a Tiger”, starts off with Kazamatsuri Touma, Torako’s distant seatmate, ruminating on the roof, only to be interrupted by Torako’s pestering. Despite Torako’s persistent attempts at befriending Touma throughout the semester, Touma is still continuing to rebuff her. As Torako complains about it to her friends in the classroom, Tatsuki knows the feeling. Although Torako realizes that Tatsuki may as well be talking about understanding how it is to be pestered by herself.

Back on the roof alone, Touma thinks about how much she likes being alone. She also wonders why she seems to have so many strange classmates. Suzume gets added to the list of strange people with her strange attitude, although Touma can’t help but think how pretty Suzume’s eyes are. Tatsuki also gets added as she gives a rather formal greeting to Touma, whom she tries to be friendly with as someone who also suffers from Torako’s pestering. And even Ayumi gets added with her timidness in the library.


Touma does get to talk with Ayumi about why she seems to be so distant from Torako. She just doesn’t like impulsive and inconsiderate people who can’t help but get involved with others, citing the time when Torako broke the teacher’s brand new cutting edge cellphone as an example, something that Ayumi can’t deny. But Ayumi thinks that Torako just wants to be friends with Touma, and talks about her own case with Torako. When Ayumi asks if she could be friends as Touma leaves, Touma does reply that she would think about it.

After the break, we see the same scene we saw at the beginning of the episode repeat. Apparently it’s a regular ritual for Torako and Touma. As Touma goes away, she thinks back to why she entered Kamizono High School. It turns out that she was quite taken in by Torako when they met each other as they toured the campus thinking about entering the high school. She also said that she would think about it when Torako asked about being friends the first time they met, which might mean that it’s her way of saying “OK, let’s be friends”.


Back to the present, when Touma is trying to eat lunch on the roof alone, Torako barges in along with Ayumi, Suzume, and Tatsuki to have lunch together. Ayumi had prepared a lunchbox for Touma after seeing her always eating bread for lunch, and before she knows it, Touma finds herself in the middle of a lively lunch gathering. To the end, Touma laments about being caught in Torako’s social gathering, although I suspect she’s all “tsun” without the “dere” and a small part of her likes eating among friends.

Meanwhile, Nene tries to set up her own lunch gathering on another roof with girls after spying the lunch gathering with Touma and others. She gathers Koma, Minato, Chie, Inori, and Ushio, but her romantic aspirations for a lovely lunch gathering are dashed as Koma, Ushio, and Chie have prepackaged food and meat dumplings for lunch, while Minato brought only snacks. (Random thought: for someone bisexual, Nene seems to pay a whole lot more attention to girls …) Inori was the only one who had a home-made lunchbox, but she didn’t bring it along because it was being used for a good cause, although her satisfied smile at doing a good deed and helping out a friend frightens the other girls.

Touma in the middle

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