Hyakko 11


Episode 11 of Hyakko, “Escaping from the tiger’s mouth”, starts off with the classroom teacher happily opening the packaging for his new cellphone, the replacement for the one Torako destroyed in the previous episode. However, he realizes how childish he must look to the teacher sitting next to him and tries to make excuses, but he needn’t have bothered since the other teacher is stuck in her own world worrying about her sick Yuki she had left at home. As the other teacher heads home sick with worry, she asks the classroom teacher to take over her English class scheduled for the next hour.

Since the teacher isn’t really that good at English, he decides that the class would go to the new gymnasium and do physical education, instead. After a lot of confusion on what to do and how to divide the teams, among the suggestions being perverted Nene’s division by panties color, they settle on dividing teams depending on what they ate for breakfast, with one side being bread and the other rice. To Torako’s disappointment, Touma ends up being excluded and being the scorekeeper, having not eaten breakfast. After all the confusion on how to divide the teams, they finally get back to deciding what to do, and Ayumi’s suggestion of dodgeball is chosen.

Tatsuki is surprised at Torako not using famous sports names as a prelude as she did in episode 2, but it turns out that it was just Torako not knowing any famous dodgeball athletes. Tatsuki should have left sleeping tigers lie, as Torako starts naming Tatsuki the “Dragon Princess” and herself the “Tiger Girl” by translating their names to English. Thankfully, the tangent is derailed as Torako is stuck while trying to name Ayumi, unable to figure out what should come after “Walking …” (“Walking Snake”?).


With Torako and Nene being the leaders of their respective teams and the most enthusiastic, Torako throws the first ball with all her might against the other team. Unfortunately, it hits one of the weakest members on the other team, Ayumi, right in the face, resulting in the first casualty in the dodgeball match. And she isn’t the only one, with additional casualties resulting from also being hit in the face. Chie is the second one to fall as she is hit by Ushio, and even Tatsuki, who showed pretty good athletic reflexes, is like a babe against the might of Suzume. With all the tension, Inori collapses all by herself. Yanagi, who wanted to get the rare chance to take pictures of the younger students in gym uniform but got roped into medic duty, even mentions the four casualties being like “shikabane”, but at least they’re still conscious enough to point out they’re still alive.

Discovering how dangerous a sport dodgeball is, and finally realizing how there would be no way for Torako’s team to win against Suzume, Torako suggests a one-to-one match by a representative from each team. Nene obviously volunteers the most powerful player in her team, Suzume. On the other hand, Torako makes the surprise nomination of someone not even on her team, the teacher, who has served as judge so far. Like Torako, the teacher tries to refuse out of the desire to live, and Shishimaru would have happily sacrificed his life for Torako, but Torako doesn’t allow Shishimaru to be the sacrificial victim as he isn’t part of the class. The teacher is eventually provoked into volunteering himself, though, as the other team behaves as there’s no way he could win against Suzume.


At this point, the episode cuts to other scenes, one with Hitsugi-chan and Yagi-chan and another with Kitsune yet again telling the light blue-haired girl from the end of episode 7 about Torako, after which we see the angry teacher, who is barely able to talk, leaving the classroom. Almost everyone is sorry about the sacrifice made by the teacher, although Tatsuki is annoyed at the responsible Suzume for sleeping without a care. And the teacher is even more annoyed at the sacrifice he made as he learns that he needn’t have suffered such injuries if the teacher he was covering for didn’t run off worrying about a puppy.

Near the end of the episode, we see an announcement about the next episode also being the last episode of Hyakko, to be broadcast on December 24. It will be a one hour special, and according to the preview, it will reveal a terrible secret that Torako harbors. Of course, we already know from episode 6 just how unreliable previews can be …

One hour special announcement

By Shounen A

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