Hyakko 13

Following immediately after episode 12, the thirteenth and very last episode of Hyakko starts on a rainy day with one or more people sleeping at a bus stop with dismantled boxes in lieu of blankets, after which the opening credits start. It is April 4, the first day of school at Kamizono High School for the incoming high school students, and we get to see how each of the girls we’ve seen so far prepare for their new life.


  • Ayumi is nervous about entering high school, worried that she won’t be able to make any friends.
  • Tatsuki heads to school with her mother, as her father is busy with work in Tokyo, but she ends up very late because of a traffic jam.
  • As school president, Oniyuri heads for school for the entrance ceremony, while Kitsune stays home.
  • Touma idly wonders if the girl she saw at Kamizono, which was Torako as we know from episode 10, will be at the school. She has an awfully lot of cute dolls in her room.
  • Nene is very happy about the quality of the students at Kamizono, and upon witnessing the beautiful school president Oniyuri, decides to enter school politics herself.
  • Chie is immediately attracted to an odd-looking part of the school building that looks appropriate for a mad scientist.
  • Ushio needs to practice smiling for a camera.
  • Koma quickly starts out photographing everyone, willing and unwilling.
  • Inori is hoping to make new friends with encouragement from her younger sister, but her first attempt fails as it is with Chie, who had been immediately distracted by building previously mentioned. Chie might have run away in terror if she was paying attention, though.
  • Minato spends forever trying to get her necktie on, but eventually gives up and seeks help.
  • Mr. Amagasa, the homeroom teacher, arbitrarily ended up being the host for the entrance ceremony by the principal’s ladder lottery (probably).


What about Torako and Suzume? They were the ones who were sleeping at the bus stop at the beginning, which would have drove Nene crazy if she had known. Torako had run away from home yet again accompanied by Suzume. This is a record at four days away from home, which has the girls really wanting a bath. That’s why they go to an onsen anyways even after remembering high school was supposed to start that day, which they wouldn’t have remembered at all if the subject of the entrance ceremony hadn’t come up. An onsen is obviously not far away since that was why they came to the town they slept at in the first place. However, it also means they need to hitchhike their way to Kamizono High School as they had spent all their money, something they have too much fun trying to do. And with this Hyakko ends.

What happens after they get back? It’s back to episode one, where they eventually encounter the lost Ayumi and Tatsuki, the latter who had arrived very late to school and is lost on the campus she has been going to for years. Overall, Hyakko was a pretty crazy slice of life high school anime to watch, with all the comedy and odd juxtaposing of stereotypes. A lot of the anime had to be seen to be enjoyed, as the comic moments don’t really come out well in summaries (such as Torako’s first kiss with Suzume this episode), but the unexpected twists and interactions had me laughing all the way through.


By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.

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I didn’t understand the end with the little redhead girl sleeping in a house near the beach. I actually never understanded the relation with the main group. Who’s the older brother they’re always talking about?

It’s been quite awhile since I watched Hyakko, so I’m not quite sure who you’re talking about (the only redhead I remember is Andou Nene, who is hardly little), but if you’re talking about Hitsugi-chan and Yagi-chan, the anime never made it explicit what they had to do with the other characters. They’re practically just extras in side snippets.

In the manga, Hitsugi-chan is apparently part of the same class at Kamizono High School, though. If there is ever a sequel season for the Hyakko anime, she might show up as a classmate.

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