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Episode 11 of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, “Blotted Page”, starts off with a twisted teenage boy dropping off a teenage girl from a skyscraper in Tokyo. Back to our local region, Akie talks to Yuzuki about the serial killings which are rumored to be oddly similar to those that appear in a mystery novel that was just published, which unsettles a young man standing nearby as he overhears them.

After the opening sequence, we see the same young man handing over a book he just signed to a colleague of his, whose mother is a fan of the mystery novel. Unsurprisingly, the young man, Kamisaka Rokudo, is the author of the new book “Shadow of the Sky High Building”, which also appears to have inspired serial murders in Tokyo, at least according to widespread rumors on the Internet. He’s not happy about someone killing other people according to how he described the murders in his mystery novel, but there’s not much he can do about it.


A reporter from Tokyo, Asaba Sumi, contacts Rokudo to interview him on his opinion on the possible connection of his novel and the serial murders in Tokyo. While Rokudo gives the more acceptable but dishonest answer about what he thought about how the murders supposedly boosted sales of his book, he is sincere that people shouldn’t commit murder. During the interview, however, Sumi receives a call that the serial killer has been arrested, and she promises Rokudo that she’ll report the interview honestly, reflecting his criticism of the serial killer.

However, once the interview is published in the magazine, he feels betrayed that it has completely manufactured what he said, making it look like he condoned the serial killings. It doesn’t help that the serial killer is blaming his book as the motivation for the murders. However, he is just resigned that he shouldn’t have trusted the mass news media and doesn’t really hate the reporter who interviewed him. Sumi, on the other hand, is extremely angry at her editor about manufacturing the published interview.


So far, there has been no real contact between Yuzuki and those involved, nor have they considered contacting the Jigoku Tsushin. But this changes as Yuzuki and Akie run into Michiyo Yui, who is trying to find where Rokudo works at. The girls kindly offer to take her there, and they learn that Yui is the sister of the first victim of the serial killer. After talking to the murderer, who claims that he couldn’t distinguish between reality and fantasy after reading Rokudo’s book, she still wanted someone to blame, so she’s seeking out the author of the book that indirectly and unintentionally caused the death of her sister.

With the help of Yuzuki and Akie, Yui manages to find Rokudo and the girls head back home. Rokudo denies condoning the serial killings, but it doesn’t help that Yui has read the manufactured interview. Fortunately for him, he doesn’t have to defend himself much more as Sumi arrives as they’re talking. She had come to apologize to Rokudo in person about being unable to stop the publishing of the manufactured interview.


As the three people talk together in a cafe, Rokudo and Sumi talk about having been unlucky with what happened, but Yui wants someone concrete to blame. That’s why she had paid a prison visit to the serial killer, who had in turn obliquely blamed Rokudo, but Sumi had heard about how the murderer reduced his sentence by pretending to be incapable of distinguishing reality and fantasy. At least Yui now knows who to really blame, the murderer himself.

Yui then talks about now having a target to sic the Jigoku Shoujo on. Unsurprisingly, Rokudo and Sumi have also heard rumors about the Jigoku Tsushin, but oddly enough, neither of them shows any incredulity or doubt. In fact, with all three having grudges, they make a pact to summon the Jigoku Shoujo to avenge their respective targets. Yui quite clearly hates the murderer, and Sumi hates her previous editor, who not only blatantly violated journalistic integrity but also made it so that she could no longer work as a reporter. On the other hand, Rokudo has an abstract hatred against those who blamed him for the serial killings through the rumor mill, but he says that he’ll figure out someone specific to send to hell.


After all three had received their voodoo doll from Enma Ai, the three conspirators gather together for the big event. They pull the red strings from their respective dolls simultaneously, and the Jigoku Tsushin has one of its busiest nights in a long time as three people are sent to hell. There’s no surprise with who Yui and Sumi had sent to hell, but the one who Rokudo sent was somewhat unexpected.

It was his colleague, who returned the signed book once the mother no longer wanted it after the bad publicity, and Rokudo seems to have decided his colleague to be the scapegoat for his grudge. Considering that the colleague was actually sympathetic about Rokudo’s situation, and that it’s hard to believe that Rokudo felt very strongly about his colleague, I’m somewhat surprised that Ai even accepted Rokudo’s request.


After the big event, the three notice the new marks on each other’s chests. Quite aware of what they had done, Rokudo even suggests that the three meet regularly as a sort of support group for people destined for hell. But when he opens the refrigerator to get some drinks to mark the occasion, he disappears. The serial killer’s mother blamed Rokudo for turning her son bad, so she also contacted the Jigoku Tsushin. And as Rokudo is sent to hell, he says the same sort of thing that his colleague said, that he’s not really at fault and that sending him to hell wouldn’t really change anything.

Unlike the previous episode, Yuzuki seems to be more fatalistic and resigned about what she witnesses as four people summon the Jigoku Shoujo. Perhaps it’s because she’s much more removed from these four people than she was with Kazuya last episode, as she probably wouldn’t even know where to start looking for them, but I hope it doesn’t demoralize her too much.

Fatalistic Yuzuki

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“whose wife is a fan of the mystery novel”

Is it his wife or his mother? I don’t speak japanese, can’t tell what he’s saying.

Any distinction in the terms for wife/mom?

“Mother” is right. For some reason I mistakenly thought of “wife” for “ofukuro” when it’s supposed to be “mother”. Thanks for pointing out the mistake!

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