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Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen

With eleven episodes, the second season for Nodame Cantabile has ended. Like the first season, it was hilarious to see how Chiaki and Nodame interacted with each other and with others with all their personality quirks as they develop their musical talents in Paris. And despite the slapstick, the characters aren’t shallow and have real character development. Even the relationship between Chiaki and Nodame has developed beyond apparent fondness and one-sided love-sickness with the hidden mutual love. The one disappointment I had with the series was with the last episode, which seemed rushed as Chiaki lead an apparently hopeless orchestra back to respectability.

Chiaki and Nodame

In related news, a sequel will start broadcasting in the fall of 2009. It will be great to see how the musical careers of Chiaki and Nodame develop, not to mention the relationship between them. I suspect there will also be new rivalries and relationships that have only been hinted at in this season.

Nodame Cantabile sequel in fall of 2009

By Shounen A

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