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Episode 15 of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, “The Rabbit and the Turtle”, is about a young girl named Shinohara Usagi, who is extremely indecisive and can’t even pick a drink quickly from a particular vending machine, despite having ended up drinking the same beverage every single time. Ironically, “Usagi” means “rabbit” in Japanese, which is in stark contrast to Usagi’s nickname, “Kame”, which means “turtle”. Usagi is also apparently not very bright, although it would have been a lot more interesting character-wise if she were portrayed as a genius who just can’t get things done. Usagi has three friends who have been helping her out ever since kindergarten, who help Usagi fend off a couple of overly aggressive girls who want an autograph from her big brother Shinohara Michito, who has appeared in a magazine as a promising DJ. At the same time, we see a boy who has a crush on Usagi.

At Usagi’s home, her big brother has come back for a visit, where the parents are proud of how Michito’s self-chosen career in music seems to be going, while they suggest a career path for Usagi under the belief that she would never be able to make up her own decisions. Usagi’s big brother really dislikes her lack of assertiveness, which is a huge strain on the relationship between the two siblings. As Michito heads back to his place, Usagi remembers how cold her big brother has been to her throughout the years, ending with a memory from a very long time ago when they were little children, of Michito completely rebuffing her when she said that she would be her big brother’s bride when they were all grown up. Usagi’s big brother also happens to be the one who most often calls her a turtle.


The way that Usagi is portrayed as always smiling and never being able to say no to anyone, one would hardly expect that she would hold a terrible grudge against anyone to the degree that she would try to access the Jigoku Tsushin or even know about it, even though her relationship with her brother makes it clear that not everything is clear and sunshine. Oddly enough, Yuzuki hears bells ringing when she passes by Usagi. So after gathering her courage to overcome her nervousness, Yuzuki approaches Usagi and pleas that it is wrong to use the Jigoku Tsushin to avenge a grudge. However, Yuzuki is embarrassed to the extreme when it turns out that Usagi doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. It probably made Yuzuki wonder if it was just a false alarm or whether the bells signify something else entirely.

Immediately after Yuzuki runs away in embarrassment, Usagi’s classmate, the one who has a crush on her, finally approaches her and Usagi ends up having a boyfriend, although I’m not sure if it’s just because she couldn’t say no. This makes her big brother really unhappy when her parents call him to spread the good news. Usagi also inadvertently manages to hear her three friends badmouth her about getting a boyfriend before them despite being a “turtle”. Soon enough, she gets photographs of her boyfriend playing with other girls in the mailbox. But her boyfriend has a conscience, so when they meet that evening at Usagi’s request, he admits what he had done when he was invited by her big brother to some event and breaks off their relationship. That night, Usagi stands alone in her room ominously while lightning strikes outside.


The next day, Usagi had asked for her brother to meet her at a riverbank. Michito makes it quite clear that he had set her boyfriend up and wants her to break up with the boyfriend. So he’s quite surprised that the couple had already broken up, believing that Usagi would be too passive to break up the relationship herself and probably didn’t think of the possibility that the boyfriend would break off the relationship. He also looks like he’s feeling a bit of guilt when he sees her start crying, but he gets another shock when Usagi pulls out a voodoo doll from the Jigoku Shoujo. Usagi gets a shock herself when Michito accidentally drops the voodoo doll he was carrying.

This is when Enma shows up around Yuzuki when she’s taking a bath and shows her a vision of the two with their voodoo dolls. It turns out that Michito was sick with envy of her little sister as she got all the attention from their parents, as he himself was ignored as he was much more able to take care of himself. Things got to a boiling point for Michito the other day when he came back home, when he had intended to inform his parents that he was giving up music as a career but instead was confronted with the parents’ misunderstanding that things were going well for his music career, while on the other hand Usagi gets all the help she needs without herself having to do anything. The way Usagi always smiles just inflamed him more.

On the other hand, Usagi reveals that she has never been happy. She could never be when her own friends consider her an idiot and her own parents have given up on her accomplishing anything, and the only way for her to stand it was to always smile and laugh. Usagi herself has always been sick with envy of her big brother with the way he could always take care of himself. After the soul-baring between the two siblings, Michito remarks how stupid it was for siblings to sic the Jigoku Shoujo on each other, and he encourages Usagi that she is not hopeless, that she can also accomplish things if she keeps trying. The two end up throwing away the voodoo dolls off a nearby bridge, as witnessed by Yuzuki to her relief when she ran for them in panic after her vision.


Michito is feeling pretty good about himself and hopeful about the future of his relationship with his sister, so it’s a complete surprise when he finds himself being sent to hell when he opens the door to his apartment. To his utter disbelief, Usagi had just pulled the red string off her voodoo doll. And on his way to hell, he gets a peek at the continuation of Usagi’s memory from earlier, where he came back guiltily to her little sister and said that he would marry her if she grew up to be beautiful after seeing her cry when he rebuffed her. And the episode ends with Usagi saying that she can do things and laughing like mad, which to her is probably the same as crying.

Usagi sure picked a hell of a thing to be decisive about and accomplish (pun intended). And when did she access the Jigoku Tsushin? Was Yuzuki’s attempt to stop Usagi from accessing the website only the trigger that let her learn about it, or was Usagi just pretending to be ignorant? And what is Enma Ai trying to show to Mikage Yuzuki? They didn’t explicitly show Yuzuki learning about how things turned out in the end, so there’s also the question of whether Yuzuki is still under the impression that things turned out well for the two siblings.

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I do believe she accessed it before the show (shows a closeup of her bag while they are talking about her future, so I assume she had it by then).

Basically she wanted incest and he didn’t. Only guess I can think of. Either that or the internet has ruined me to such an extent : /

Made me lol, too bad you don’t see an epilogue.

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