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The plot of Slayers Revolution is continued in the new season of Slayers that is starting this week, Slayers Evolution-R. The opening credits show off old enemies, starting from Rezo and going on to Gaav, Phibrizzo, and Valgaav. This could just be a tribute to the travails that Lina and friends have gone through, but it could also be a sign that the plot of Slayers Evolution-R will be intertwined with the old enemies. Since Rezo is definitely connected somehow, the latter hypothesis is off to a good start.

The first episode, “Newcomer? Embarking on a New Travel!”, starts off with Seyroon rebuilding the damage caused by the fight against Zanafar at the end of Slayers Revolution. Meanwhile, Lina and friends are trying to find out what they can about the vase that supposedly holds Rezo’s soul without much success. And at some ruins presumably far away, Ozelle is serving a meal to Zuma, who has somehow been managing to regenerate his arms. I wonder why Ozelle has apparently transferred her loyalties to Zuma when she was originally serving Duchess Joconda? Maybe whatever contract she has states that she has to serve the current enemy of Lina Inverse …


After finding no hints at all in Seyroon, Lina and friends embark on a new travel to find clues about the vase containing Rezo’s soul. They don’t have a clue on where to start looking, however. The topic of the vase does remind Pocota of the vase that Rezo used to transfer his soul from his original body to his current cute and fluffy body. Of course, this annoys everyone else that Pocota only now mentions the vase, which most probably is the vase they’re looking for. Everyone except for Gourry, that is, which earns him and Pocota a smack from Lina for being so clueless. Zelgadis might be right in that the Sword of Light sucks out brains …

Rezo called the vase he used to transfer souls the “Hellmaster’s Vase”, named after the demon lord Phibrizzo, the Hellmaster destroyed in Slayers Next, another indication that Slayers Evolution-R might be related to old enemies, something that might eclipse the threat represented by Zanafar in the previous season. The first place that Lina and company go to investigate is the ruin of Duchess Joconda’s castle. While Lina sets Gourry and Pocota digging at random as punishment for their cluelessness, Zelgadis and Amelia do the real work of searching through crystal divination, by which they manage to find the buried entrance to Deucriss’ underground laboratory.

Hellmaster Phibrizzo

They search for clues in the laboratory, as Deucriss might have taken the Hellmaster’s Vase when he left Taforasha with stolen knowledge. The research left in the laboratory does pique Zelgadis’ interest given his personal quest, since Deucriss was researching the creation of chimeras. But the vase containing Rezo’s soul is a more pressing matter, and after a bit of searching, they find a hidden passage connected to the laboratory. As they go through the hidden passage, they start hearing a woman’s singing voice, and they follow the song to its source.

After the break, Lina and friends find themselves in a room full of armor. When Lina stands in front of a set of armor that seems to be different from the rest, the armor suddenly moves and lets out a chilling laugh. Lina blasts it with her magic as an automatic reflex, but the armor turns out to be empty. I suspect that it’s not a danger sense that triggered Lina’s reflexive action, though: the laugh is awfully reminiscent of an old traveling companion of Lina’s, Naga the Serpent, although no one seems to be making the connection. To the surprise of everyone, the blasted pieces of armor reassembles themselves.


The set of armor is a living armor, a set of armor that has been animated through certain means, which sounds awfully like what the Hellmaster’s Vase would do. The living armor calls herself “Nama-chan” and talks rather femininely, but she cannot remember anything about herself. The only thing she remembers is that she was searching for treasure, and when she touched a valuable-looking vase, the next thing she remembered is ending up being the armor. Lina strongly feels that she should know “Nama-chan” from somewhere, but she can’t quite remember who she might be. However, Lina obviously remembers subconsciously that the living armor must be Naga, and vice versa, as Lina and Nama just can’t get along and soon get into a duel.

Lina finds the duel harder than she had thought, as blasting Nama doesn’t do anything as she can soon reassemble herself, and it turns out that Nama-chan can use magic herself. And the living armor can fire off magic spells through all sorts of openings on the armor. But eventually Lina manages to restrain Nama with an electrical magic spell, which magnetizes the living armor and gets her stuck on a piece of metal. And Lina casts the Dragon Slave, which has the rest of her gang scattering after watching the entertainment from the sidelines, and Lina wins the fight decisively.


Lina is quite satisfied with her victory, while the rest are resigned to the fact that they have supposedly lost an important clue to the whereabouts of the Hellmaster’s Vase. However, Nama-chan is (probably) Naga the Serpent: she’s been on the receiving end of Lina’s Dragon Slave too many times to be destroyed by it, and the living armor soon digs herself out to Lina’s annoyance. Lina does get something out of it as Nama is cowed by Lina’s anger and promises to help them find the Hellmaster’s Vase, claiming to remember where she had found it. Naga the Serpent has finally shown up as a regular character in a television series for the Slayers franchise, however indirect it may be and with significant differences in demeanor, although it would have been a huge bait if Nama-chan turns out not to be Naga.

The episode ends ominously with Zuma instructing Ozelle to find where Lina is, while Zuma himself is very eager for any new job against anyone, anywhere to test out his new arms.

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Hum… This new Slayer’s series look promising… But I don’t like the idea of Lina fighting against old enemies..

I’m pretty sure that Lina won’t actually be fighting against old enemies, since being destroyed by the creator of all things as in Phibrizzo’s case would be a tad difficult to recover from. Rather, I suspect that Lina will be cleaning up a huge mess that was left by them, or at least closely related to them.

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