Slayers Evolution-R 2


Episode 2 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Oh my head!: Where is the head?”, starts off in the middle of the night with a village terrorized by a horde of undead, which is led by a headless suit of armor demanding to know where the head is. It is this village some time later during daylight that Nama leads Lina and company, claiming that this is the place she remembers finding the Hellmaster’s Vase. They don’t get a warm welcome by the villagers, who thought that Nama might be the armor that was terrorizing the village.

Of course, the villagers are completely out of their league against the high-level magic users. The villagers get the point quite clearly at a demonstration of an instant Dragon Slave cast by Lina. They’re fortunate that they didn’t annoy Lina enough for her to cast it directly on their village. I had no idea that Lina had an insta-cast version of the Dragon Slave for when the full incantation would serve no dramatic value, though.


After hearing about the villagers’ plight, Lina and friends decide to help them out. Given how the headless suit of armor is seeking a head, the most obvious bait is set out: Nama “volunteers” her own head to be used as bait. The headless suit of armor discovers the bait soon enough, but realizes that it’s not his own head after a lengthy scrutiny. Shouldn’t it be able to recognize its own head immediately? On the other hand, without a head where presumably the eyes would be, how is it able to see in the first place? These are details to be glossed over …

When the Lina and company try to apprehend the headless armor, it tries to fight back, but of course the relatively obscure undead being is no match for the high-level group of magic users led by the “Enemy of All Who Live”. It turns out that the headless armor is a relatively harmless Durahan who is just trying to look for his missing head. The horde of undead were just helping him search the village. And when Lina condemns him for terrifying the village, he points out that it’s his job: he’s supposed to scare people. It’s hard to rebut that …


It turns out that the Durahan lost his head after a drunken party with his friends. As Amelia points out, they shouldn’t be able to get drunk in the first place, being undead and all, but they still act all drunkenly just for the fun of it. The Durahan is not aware of the Hellmaster’s Vase, but he still manages to pique Lina’s interest when he says that he has many valuable vases. So Lina decides to help out the Durahan find its head, as she’s attracted at the prospect of getting treasure as a reward.

So after summoning the Durahan’s friends from the party and checking into them, although Zelgadis bowed out of the investigation early due to mental trauma after being called a “monster” by the friends, it turns out that a heroic Durahan greatly respected by the headless Durahan had surreptitiously stolen the head to replace the one he had previously lost in battle. After a valiant but ultimately losing attempt by the heroic Durahan to fight off Lina and friends so that he can keep the head, the fight ends at the headless Durahan’s castle with his declaration that the heroic Durahan keep his head.


The headless Durahan’s willingness to sacrifice impresses the heroic Durahan, which ironically starts a fight between the two Durahan as they both insist the other should keep the head, which eventually ends up collapsing the already damaged castle. This unveils the vases kept within the castle, which turn out to be unvaluable octopus jars, to the complete disappointment of Lina who had just wasted a lot of time to help out a Durahan, who is still fighting in the background over who should keep the head. Nama is going to have to try harder to remember where she encountered the Hellmaster’s Vase.

From the preview for the next episode, it looks like Nama and Amelia will get into a whole lot of trouble while separated from the rest of the gang. For some reason, I don’t think it’s going to help Amelia realize that Nama might be her older sister. On the other hand, it’s still possible that Nama might be totally unrelated to Naga the Serpent in that all the supposed hints are actually a cruel deceit by the show producers.

By Shounen A

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