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Episode 3 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Partner! The Two Are One Mind, One Body?”, starts off with Lina and company hiking up a mountain rumored to have dragons, since Nama thinks the Hellmaster’s Vase may be around the area. While Lina continues to complain, Amelia takes Nama’s side and the two get to bond together, with Nama almost feeling like they’re sisters. However, floodwaters suddenly rush towards the group, and while the rest of the group fly up to safety, Amelia is swept away by the waters with Nama trying to swim after her.

Amelia wakes up a while later to find her vision oddly restricted. It turns out that Nama took Amelia within herself, an unconventional but effective way to carry someone while swimming, and would have been able to rejoin the rest of the group if Nama didn’t end up hitting a cliff when she started flying once out of the water. Now that they’re awake, Nama tries to open herself up so that Amelia can get out, but something is wrong and she can’t open herself. So Nama and Amelia end up in one body in a most unexpected way (at least to me). It’s quite difficult for them to move properly, though, since Amelia controls her own body and Nama controls the armor.

Amelia tries what might be the fastest way to get herself out of Nama by blasting the armor with a fireball, intending to reassemble the armor later, but Amelia is inside the armor: the fireball ends up inside the armor. The exhaust from the fireball blasts the two into the air, and they find themselves in a village when they wake up. They receive a warm welcome, and they also hear about legends of a dragon living in the nearby mountain, although the dragon has not appeared for quite some time.


Given the warm welcome they received, Amelia wants to do something in return for the village. However, every attempt to help turns into a disaster, be it because of clumsiness, Nama’s love of money, or an insect crawling in clothes. The last is the cause of major damage to the village as Amelia and Nama ran through structures mindlessly, so the village decides they have to do something about the two. The talking between Amelia and Nama during this time also showed them how common they were with each other: even their descriptions of their respective fathers may have well been describing the same man, despite the different slants and it just being a “feeling” instead of a memory for Nama. It’s no surprise, since the two are almost certainly sisters even if they don’t have a clue.

The village manages to get rid of Nama and Amelia by pretending that a dragon may have shown up, and Amelia just can’t help herself but promise that she would deal with the dragon. Nama really doesn’t like the idea, but when Amelia points out that finding the dragon might help in the search for the Hellmaster’s Vase, Nama admits that she made up the possibility to shut up Lina’s persistent questioning for clues to where the vase might be. They do end up encountering a dragon, but it’s a really small and cute one which goes off running when Amelia and Nama make fun of it. They do realize that it’s a baby dragon, and they also realize the possibility of an angry parent coming after them, which turns out to be the case soon enough. Nama faints, which gives Amelia a chance to use her fists against the dragon, although the dragon bats her away.


What follows is a battle by Amelia and Nama against the dragon as a parody of sports and fighting anime, with Nama waking up eventually and managing to work with Amelia quite effectively in the fight. And they yell at Lina to keep out of the fight when the rest of the group finally manages to track the two down. The battle almost being like sports, Gourry is quite enjoying the show, and Zelgadis is even driven to tears at the skills shown by Amelia and Nama, although Lina and Pocota, like me, are quite bewildered by how everyone else seems to be taking things so passionately. Lina does end up crying in the end for not being able to play much of a role in this episode.

Amelia and Nama end up defeating the dragon and reaffirm their bond after a loose screw falls off Nama and Amelia manages to get herself out. The two together laugh in a way that would get on Lina’s nerves, as it’s unsurprisingly just like the way Naga laughed. However, more dragons show up to beat up the people who beat their kin, so Lina and friends run away as Lina now knows that the dragons have nothing to do with the Hellmaster’s Vase and doesn’t want to bother fighting them. The dragons are focused on chasing Amelia and Nama, who ran away in the direction of the village earlier, so the village’s attempt at getting rid of property destroyers only ended up summoning the dragons of legend and destroying the village.

Laughing Amelia and Nama

By Shounen A

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Ahaha poor Zel, everyone hates on him xD And also, how many episodes is he unexpectedly going to cry in? I LIKE it. :3

just look at that they HAVE to be sisterz they’re even doing the same pose. i knew it was naga! this new verson of slayers confuses methough. anyway what the heck hapened to zel!? in the ORIGONAL he NEVER crys EVER! O_O yeha he’d sulk…. alot but he never cryed! he was always misterious and dark and sometimes just plain mean but NEVER did he cry. and now he crys ALMOST ALL THE TIME! what happened?! oh my god my zellykins went soft!

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