Slayers Evolution-R 4


Episode 4 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Quality time? Life with love?”, starts off with an old character standing on a cliff watching the ocean. It’s the fishwoman from episode 1 of the previous season, and she mentions that something is coming. Meanwhile, Lina is blowing her top over Naga wasting everyone’s time on wild goose chases.

This can’t go on much longer, as the fishwoman from the beginning shows up at the restaurant Lina and friends are at. Kuppi the fishwoman drops a bombshell: she brought along her children Uppi and Yappi and introduce them as Gourry‘s children. The next thing we know, Gourry has been living with the half-fish, half-human family for a week as a good father.


When Lina and friends visit Gourry and get him back so that they can resume their search for the Hellmaster’s Vase, Gourry is adamant about staying so that he can be a good father, although it’s still awkward between himself and the fishgirl Yappi. She does seem to show an interest in Zelgadis, though. When the group leaves, they encounter Kuppi, who boasts about how happy she is with Gourry. Her boasting starts to piss Lina off, while Amelia is loving the enfolding melodrama (she likes heroic stories, but she likes melodramatic stories, too).

Back in town, the group is approached by the fishman Toppi. He used to be with Kuppi, and says that he can’t understand why she left him after all he had done for her, while we’re shown dissonant flashbacks of him gambling and abusing Kuppi. But the group agrees to help Toppi reconcile with Kuppi, as it would also mean getting Gourry back, although Zelgadis excuses himself as he doesn’t want to get involved in other people’s relationships. So it’s ironic that Yappi grabs onto Zelgadis, claiming him to be her true love, as soon as he leaves the building.


When Lina and Toppi are sitting across Gourry and Kuppi trying to mend things, every stereotypical melodramatic trope starts coming fast and furious. Nama starts it off by claiming that she’s pregnant with Gourry’s child, obviously having fun with the apparent love spat between Lina and Kuppi over Gourry. But this is just the start and things start to get really crazy.

Uppi running away to join the shark gang. Yappi can’t be a lover with a reluctant Zelgadis because they’re siblings. Pocota getting into multiple traffic accidents and Amelia wailing about it (horse-drawn wagons and dragons come out of nowhere, and we even have slow motion). Yappi suffering from a fatal illness. Toppi about to stab Kuppi in a domestic dispute. And the pace just keeps on increasing.


Then the ground starts shaking, signaling the arrival of a tsunami. After the tsunami passes, the half-fish, half-human family have been washed away to the ocean, while Lina and friends have levitated up to safety. It’s only when everything is over that Nama finally talks about a tsunami that comes to the town every ten years to bring the fishpeople back to the ocean, and that the fishpeople start acting weird right before it happens.

This episode was really hilarious with all the melodramatic stereotypes that come up at a furious pace. It was really silly to see how Lina and friends kept on overreacting and got swept up in everything, even though just a moment’s thought would have made it clear how impossible many of the claims were. It might not have just been comical slapstick: I would think that they were willing participants at least part of the time just for the fun of it. Amelia and Nama were certainly loving the melodrama.

The preview for the next episode shows Xellos and Zuma, so it seems that something connected to the overall plot is going to start happening.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.