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Episode 5 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Raider! Voice from the Darkness”, starts off with another fiasco from a wild goose chase led by Nama. Even the previously sympathetic Amelia is annoyed with her, as the group has yet again followed a trail that had nothing to do with the Hellmaster’s Vase. Zelgadis suggests that they should look at the problem from another perspective: instead of relying on Nama’s unreliable memory for clues to the whereabouts of the Hellmaster’s Vase, they should try to recover her memories first. This is a great excuse for Lina to blast Nama this way and that under the justification that it’s “shock therapy”.

Amazingly enough, Lina’s shock therapy actually works, and Nama remembers following a butterfly to the Hellmaster’s Vase. Nama had been following a rare species of butterfly, which led her to some ruins where she found the Hellmaster’s Vase. Luckily for the group, the same type of butterfly appears, and with the movements of a butterfly tending to be static, it’s not too far-fetched that the butterfly might lead them to the same ruins, so the group follows the best clue to the whereabouts of the Hellmaster’s Vase enthusiastically.


After a while, with a waning enthusiasm and increasing doubt of Nama’s memory, the group actually comes across a large pyramid structure. Even better, Nama’s memories of the ruins seem reliable as she even remembers the traps within the structure, as Lina learns after almost being skewered when she went forward after hearing “if we go straight ahead” but before listening to the rest of the sentence: “we’ll find traps all over the place”. It seems even more certain that they’re on the right track when they come upon a single set of footsteps, consistent with Nama’s memories of discovering the Hellmaster’s Vase.

As the group moves further within the structure, it appears that it is the grave of an ancient ruler and his or her subordinates. The question of why Rezo would hide away the Hellmaster’s Vase there comes up with no answer, but this does prompt Amelia to wonder why Rezo would create the vase in the first place. The answer is quite obvious to Zelgadis: Rezo was trying to use the Hellmaster’s Vase to switch bodies, so that he could have a new body that could see. It would not have worked, however, as Rezo’s blindness was due to damage to his soul, not his body, because a fragment of the Mazoku lord Shabranigdo was sealed within his soul. The selfish nature of Rezo who was obsessed with curing his blindness clashes with Pocota’s image of Rezo as a wise wizard who was the only person willing to help Taforasha.



At Pocota’s disbelief, Zelgadis puts forward his own body as proof of Rezo’s insidiousness, the result of Rezo’s experimentation on his own descendant. Pocota still continues to find it impossible to believe that Rezo could have been anything other than saintly to Zelgadis’ disdain. Lina tries to defuse the tension through a more realistic and balanced view of the world, that Rezo was not just a one-sided character, but rather a real person who worked for his own selfish purposes but also wanted to do good. This may have sounded reasonable to everyone else, but amusingly Lina is clueless when Gourry mentions that some people only have an evil heart in contrast, which everyone but Lina realizes and agrees is a reference to her.

The groups finally reaches the center of the ruins, where they find a vase. However, Xellos appears and informs them that it is not the Hellmaster’s Vase that contains Rezo’s soul. He probably even knows who Nama actually is, but he’s not telling, maybe thinking it would be more fun that way. Xellos tries to convince the others that the vase was not the Hellmaster’s Vase they were looking for, as it forced Nama’s soul into the living armor she currently occupies, something that would not have happened if it contained Rezo’s soul. Depending on how the situation around the Rezo’s soul unfolds, events could take a dangerous turn even for the Mazoku, which is why Xellos is involved. However, Xellos is coy about the whereabouts of the Hellmaster’s Vase containing Rezo’s soul.

It is then that the group is attacked by an unseen assailant. It is Zuma, who is the person that Xellos was hoping to encounter by following Lina and friends. Xellos wants the Hellmaster’s Vase in Zuma’s possession, which finally clues Lina and others that Zuma has the container for Rezo’s soul. Nama does not know who Zuma is, so she pesters Lina to tell her who he was. But upon hearing that Zuma is an assassin, Nama starts going berserk. She’s obviously quite traumatized by a certain event from the past, perhaps even more than her sister, although it may not have helped that Nama’s mind is somewhat of a mess.


Nama starts blasting magic attacks with no regard for her friends, and even goes as far as summoning a dragon. Given the mess that Nama has been making and the even greater mess that’s coming, Xellos breaks the vase. This returns Nama’s soul to her original body, and it’s confirmation to Lina and company that the vase was indeed not the Hellmaster’s Vase containing Rezo’s soul. When Xellos asks for the container of Rezo’s soul, Zuma ignores him, although he does wisely refrain from starting a fight against Xellos. Instead, Zuma states that he will be waiting for Lina at a place called Bezendi, and that someone will die if she does not come. I’m not sure why Zuma thinks that Lina would care if some unspecified person dies or not, but Zuma is a lead to the whereabouts of the Hellmaster’s Vase, so Bezendi is the next destination for Lina and friends.


This is the end of the sneaky and plausibly deniable appearance of Gracia Ul Naga Seyroon, the elder sister of Amelia Wil Tesla Seyroon. Despite a short period of worry about her from Amelia, this evaporates soon enough as she’s the sort to be fine in almost any situation, no matter where her original body may have been all this time. Us viewers get to see where she ended up: under a box out in the middle of nowhere, or for all we know she is the box itself due to yet another magical mishap, with the episode ending with her crazy laugh.

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