Slayers Evolution-R 6


Episode 6 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Seek! Who is the one being targeted!”, starts off on one stormy night with Ozelle, who arrives at a certain residence to hand over the Hellmaster’s Vase to a young man, which is to be given over to his father. Some time later on a nice day, Lina and friends have arrived at Bezendi, an active commercial city, and the first order of business for Lina and Gourry is the search for delicious food. It’s rationalized by claiming that with no further leads there is not much they could do, but Zelgadis goes off on his own to ask around the city. But just when Lina is about to start off for a promising restaurant, a boy stops them to bring them to someone called Radok.

Radok is a very rich guy whose home even impresses royalties such as Amelia and Pocota. Radok Lanzard, who seems to be a nice enough person but not naive at all, had invited the group because he had received a message from Zuma that he would be killed if he did not have Lina Inverse around. It’s obvious that Radok is bait to draw out Lina, but it’s also clear that there has been a hit ordered on Radok himself which Zuma is taking advantage of, otherwise Zuma wouldn’t bother to be so indirect, or at least he would have selected someone more likely to engage the protective instincts of Lina as bait. Radok’s best chance for survival would be to have Lina and friends protect him.


There is no real reason for Lina to protect Radok, though, especially when his son Abel comes downstairs to insult her and accuse her of being a probable fraud. Or she wouldn’t have had any if Radok didn’t offer the Hellmaster’s Vase as payment. Ordered by Zuma, Ozelle had arrived to relay the message from Zuma to Radok and to give him the Hellmaster’s Vase, and since it is her duty to serve the one in possession of the vase, she won’t leave Radok’s side. The container of Rezo’s soul is enough incentive for Lina and company to protect Radok, so Lina agrees to be his protection detail. Abel is down on the whole idea, and father and son don’t get along that well. One interesting tidbit from their argument is Abel wanting to know what his father did on a most recent trip that lasted longer than usual, and Radok refusing to divulge any details, although Lina is far more preoccupied about having been insulted repeatedly.


That evening back in town with Zelgadis having rejoined the group, Lina and friends are having a good meal, specifically Lina, Gourry, and Pocota are pigging themselves out with their vociferous appetites. It’s also stress relief after the insults and bad attitude from Abel earlier that day, who we happen to see snooping outside the restaurant. At least Lina is quite sure that Radok would be fine even though they’re not with him since she doubts Zuma would attack him when Lina is not around. Ironically, the group is attacked right after her speculations. Surprisingly, it is a pair of Mazoku called Guthusa and Deugurd that are attacking them. Oddly enough, they’re not interested in Lina at all and focus their attacks on Amelia and Zelgadis and almost take them out, although they withdraw when Lina starts casting a really big magic spell after being angered about being ignored.

With the involvement of Mazoku, it is quite reasonable to suspect that Xellos must be involved somehow, who just happens to appear after the battle is over. However, Xellos denies that he knows any Mazoku with the names of Guthusa or Deugurd, and given that Xellos never lies despite being annoyingly secretive, Lina is quite sure that Xellos is not involved with the attack. I wouldn’t be so sure about that: I’m quite sure that Xellos does not know who the particular Mazoku are, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what they’re after or even that he didn’t sic them on Lina and friends through intermediaries. It’s another twist around the situation concerning Rezo’s soul, and given how the attack came right after Abel was snooping on the group, it may also be the case that Abel is involved with the Mazoku somehow.

Now that Lina has learned the location of the Hellmaster’s Vase, Xellos might be heading to the Radok residence to take it by force after having some tea, although I’m hoping he will explain certain things during tea time in the next episode. This episode ends with Abel returning from whatever errand he was on in the rain, which definitely included snooping on Lina and company, and refusing to tell his father what he was up to. For some reason I suspect that it was Abel who had hired Zuma, the possible motives being that he was starved for attention to an attempt to usurp his father’s wealth and power.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.