Slayers Evolution-R 7


Episode 7 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Town scape: As something created by man”, starts off with Lina and friends just waking up in an uncomfortable storage room. It is the room next to Radok’s, so their sleeping quarters are close by so that they could respond quickly if Zuma appears. At least that is what Abel gave as the justification for their uncomfortable quarters. The episode doesn’t start with Xelloss trying to take the Hellmaster’s Vase by force, so obviously either Xelloss is still unaware that it’s at Radok’s place, something I find hard to believe, or he is quite content to observe how the situation unfolds.

As before, both Radok and Abel are quite gruff in their attitude with the group. Abel seems to be much nicer with Ozelle, though. Lina, Gourry, and Pocota set out to follow Ozelle in order to find out more about her, while Zelgadis and Amelia remain to protect Radok. While the latter couple are so bored with nothing happening around Radok that they even start playing chess, Lina, Gourry, and Pocota get to see how convenient a mechanical body can be as Ozelle takes full advantage of it to do her job as a maid.


When Ozelle goes out to the market for groceries, Lina, Gourry, and Pocota get to see how popular she is among the merchants. Oddly enough, at one point Ozelle takes a bite out of a couple of offered fruit so that she could compare and choose them, but I would have thought she wouldn’t be able to taste them. However, when Ozelle finds herself in front of a shop selling vases, she goes berserk and starts breaking all of them. Unable to stop herself, Ozelle only calms down when Lina and Gourry quit their discrete following and restrain her. Incidentally, we get to see how Ozelle’s arms morph as the situation calls for and a rare expression of emotion on her face.

Now that Lina, Gourry, and Pocota are no longer trying to discretely follow Ozelle, they try the more direct approach of trying to ask Ozelle for information. It does turn out that Ozelle couldn’t taste anything, but she still tried to choose fruit the same way humans do. It didn’t help, although she does get to learn from Lina and others that humans can also be indecisive. In any case, when asked why she went berserk and broke all those vases, Ozelle does not know the reason herself.


Ozelle does not know what Zuma’s goals are nor why he is being so indirect: she was only doing what she was told to do. But when asked why Ozelle wants Lina and friends to break the Hellmaster’s Vase containing Rezo’s soul, despite Ozelle herself protecting the vase, Ozelle hesitates for a while before saying that she shouldn’t reveal the reason yet. When asked whether she had any idea why the group was attacked by Mazoku, she answers that she has no idea after a thorough search through her memories. Back at Radok’s residence, Amelia proves herself to be a surprisingly good chess player since she keeps on winning against Zelgadis, which is when they’re attacked by the Guthusa and Deugurd.

Meanwhile, Pocota is disappointed that Ozelle does not know how to revive Rezo from the Hellmaster’s Vase, but at least she does know what it would imply. But before she can expound upon this point, Zuma appears. Now that Ozelle is no longer working for Zuma, Lina gets her to fight on their side, although Zuma manages to hold his own despite the powerful forces arrayed against him. Gourry even ends up in Zuma’s death grip, although he is saved by Ozelle who manages to stab Zuma in the leg. In the end, Zuma withdraws when the town guards arrive, who have been drawn by the sound of fighting.


At the same time, Zelgadis and Amelia manage a better showing against Guthusa and Deugurd than they did the previous day. Even when Guthusa wraps her hair around Amelia and squeezes her, she obviously does not know about Amelia’s punch of justice, so she leaves herself open to a magically enhanced punch from Amelia. With both Amelia and Guthusa hurt, the Mazoku withdraw and Zelgadis and Amelia are returned back to normal space. When they’re back, Abel accuses them of not being around, disbelieving that they have been attacked by Mazoku in an enclosed space. Radok seems to be surprised by the news when he arrives later and asks what’s going on.

When Lina, Gourry, Pocota, and Ozelle return, they find Radok and Abel arguing with each other, with Abel wanting the group out of the house while Radok insists they stay. Abel walks away, and upon seeing Lina and others, Radok tells them that they should act together as one group, that greater numbers would be better when faced against Zuma, which Lina accepts with no complaint. But when Radok walks away, Ozelle notices blood on the floor.


The blood gives me a crazy idea: Radok is Zuma. It would explain Radok’s frequent trips and fit in with his latest absence which was more prolonged than usual, given how much damage Zuma suffered from Gourry in his encounter with Lina and friends. It also matches the timing this episode, where Amelia and Zelgadis couldn’t keep track of Radok’s whereabouts while they were fighting the Mazoku, which happens to be the same time Zuma appeared. And the blood would be explained by the stab wound Zuma suffered earlier. Perhaps the reason why Zuma had Lina and company come to Bezendi is not because Radok is his next target, but because he wanted them around while he waited to be hired. This would contradict a previous theory of mine that Abel hired Zuma against his own father, but then again that was a very unsubstantiated speculation. Radok being Zuma fits the facts much better.

Of course, anyone who keeps track of the voice talents probably knows the truth already …

By Shounen A

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