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The grudge in episode 23 of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, “Twilight Hill”, is by a boy in Yuzuki’s class who is being bullied by three other classmates. In fact, the episode starts with a tense atmosphere in the class, with most students not liking what the bullies are doing but not wanting to get involved. It must be even tougher for Yuzuki, who is hearing bells ring every few seconds, although she is doing her best to ignore it to the degree that she even ignores how the bullies are tormenting Fumio, the boy in question, while everyone else at least glances at what’s happening.

Fumio is a complete wuss who just caves in to the bullies and gives them lunch money and other valuables in the hopes that they would eventually leave him alone. While two of the bullies might possibly get bored with bullying Fumio eventually, this is unlikely to be the case for Tomohide, the leader of the bullying group. Tomohide even stalks Fumio sometimes, which is how he got to overhear the teacher congratulating Fumio for getting accepted to a high school in another region based on a recommendation. With no apparent reason for being bullied, Fumio eventually accesses the Jigoku Tsushin for his grudge against Tomohide.


Tomohide bullies Fumio because of envy that Fumio has a family that is well off and looks like he will have a promising future. It probably also enflames Tomohide that Fumio shows no signs of fighting back. But at home, Tomohide is a good big brother for his sister Suzumi. However, the mother is always out working, and the family has no father. The family’s economic situation also means that Tomohide has given up on his dreams of becoming a baseball player. It turns out that Tomohide had sent someone to hell, indicated by the Jigoku Tsushin mark on his chest, and the victim was probably his father. No hint is given as to what Tomohide’s reasons were for his own grudge, however, although I’m sure we can all think of several good possibilities.


With Fumio going to a high school in another region, Tomohide mellows out and sets out to make things just a little bit better by returning a video camera that was taken from Fumio. But the group of bullies arrive at Fumio’s home just when the family is going out for dinner. The way the family seems happy and Fumio is looking forward to his own future sparks a rage in Tomohide, and the next day Tomohide crosses a line and start physically beating up Fumio to the alarm of the two other members of the bullying group. But Tomohide is not a complete idiot, so he doesn’t wail about not deserving to go to hell when Fumio brings out the voodoo doll and pulls off the red string. It is only regret for disappearing on his little sister that is foremost in his mind when he is being sent to hell.

The disappearance of Tomohide terrifies the other two bullies, who fearfully talks about it at class the next day, so any of Yuzuki’s classmates that have not heard about the Jigoku Shoujo yet would know about her by now. As for Fumio, it must be rather troubling when he visits the boarding school he will live at for the next three years and sees a student being bullied right in front of his eyes, with the adults being clueless and just thinking that boys will be boys. And this is how the story of an unempathetic bully and an overreacting wuss ends


Throughout the episode, Yuzuki takes a page from Tsugumi and tries to ignore everything related to the Jigoku Tsushin in the hope that it could help her stay away from becoming the next Jigoku Shoujo. She even ignores the Jigoku Tsushin assistants, who show up in this episode as workers at a Chinese restaurant where Yuzuki and her friends eat. She even completely ignores Kikuri who shows up and declares her intention not to “lose”, which might have meant something if Yuzuki had the slightest desire to become the next Jigoku Shoujo. Yuzuki efforts to be uninvolved with the Jigoku Shoujo even goes as far as her giving up on trying to stop anyone from trying to use the Jigoku Tsushin, completely ignoring what Fumio tries to do this episode.

The other assistants find it hard to believe that Yuzuki is supposed to be the next Jigoku Shoujo: while Ai wouldn’t be joking about it, it’s a bit hard to think that Ai would willingly groom her successor. It’s easy to see why it would be hard to believe considering that Ai doesn’t really like what she does, and I would think she dislikes it enough that she wouldn’t willingly force someone to do it. At least Yuzuki has someone to talk to about the Jigoku Shoujo: Tsugumi is a safe person to talk to about the Jigoku Tsushin, even if she doesn’t talk back.


On the way back to home from school, Yuzuki starts hearing bells everywhere and notices many of the grudge holders who have used the Jigoku Tsushin this season around the street. The cacophony of bells stops with the sound of a heartbeat when Ai appears. Yuzuki attempts to ignore Ai in continuance of her strategy of ignoring all things Jigoku Shoujo. But Ai’s accusation of running away starts a rant by Yuzuki where she throws back all that Ai has been trying to impress on her throughout this season, that the cycle of hate cannot be stopped and that hell is within each person. Given all this, why bother with the Jigoku Tsushin and why can’t Ai leave everyone alone and leave Yuzuki to live a normal life? Ai takes the wind out of Yuzuki, however, when she points out that Yuzuki must hate her, that Yuzuki wants to send Ai to hell.

The episode ends with a distraught Yuzuki returning home, but a neighbor reacts to Yuzuki as if she had never seen Yuzuki before or have not seen her in a very long time, while Yuzuki’s apartment looks like it has been abandoned for some time, which goes unnoticed by Yuzuki because she is too distraught. The last thing we see is a memory of Yuzuki’s that reflects her current mood, where she remembers a sakura tree and a girl calling for help.


By Shounen A

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Not only Yuzuki’s apartment, but the whole house looks abandoned (cracks in walls, boarded up windows, broken lamp). Something strange happens. Yuzuki looks like a ghost, but still thinks what she is a human. And also I noticed her reaction on Ai’s words – I think she suddenly remembered something important (but may be I’m wrong).

I think the next step is the destruction of all documents about Yuzuki’s past (including personal archives) and deleting of information about Yuzuki from the heads of her friends.

Can anyone tell me where I can see this episode?

Also I believe Yuzuki may have never existed or her existance is disappearing due what happening to her right now. Also Yuzuki may have met Ai before the third season, with the memory of a child asking for help. She may made a deal with her to be the next jigoku shoujo or something.

I’d be surprised if Ai would have deigned to make a deal, though.

My own theory about Yuzuki’s memory of a child asking for help is that it was Yuzuki herself seeking help, which was given by Akie. Admittedly, this is only backed up by a couple of flashbacks from this episode and episode 13.

I see your point.

But still I wonder would Yuzuki send Ai to hell? Can she be sent to hell? Would that be the reason for her to be the next Jigoku Shoujo? Or maybe not. Anyway it seems her existance in that world is disappearing or now gone.

Also can you tell me where I can this episode? (Sorry for repeating but I can’t find this episode)

A rebroadcast from a Japanese television station might be the best bet.

(I won’t be mentioning where anyone could download this episode, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Subtitles may not be available yet, however.)

hmmm… i think if yuzuki sent ai to hell it is almost equivalent of accepting the role as the jigoku shoujo… in other way, i think, yuzuki will be indeed become the jigoku shoujo since tsugumi denied it in those previous season it is like a balancing event for the series… but in both scenarios, i cant imagine a cute girl, kind and soft like yuzuki becoming devious as the jigoku shoujo…

You have to remember that Ai was like angel before she became Jigoku Shoujo. Something bad will happen to Yuzuki that will make her jigoku shoujo like Ai became or Yuzuki will send Ai to hell. Either way both may happen.

Damn, can’t believe Fumio was such a WUSS. So much so that I’m not sorry for him at all, unfortunately.

Noticed that NO ONE have not spoken to her at all this eps except the people from J Tsushin. Even Tsugumi didn’t look like she listened to her…

Also, look at the next eps preview. Yuzuki looked like she was looking for people/stuff related to her.

Looks like this “losing identity” idea is pretty much realised…

But I like Ai… Her background was so sad and fitted the picture perfectly. Although they did taint her image this season with so many laughable scenes. I doubt Yuzuki’s back story can match Ai’s – who got buried alive while cursing her whole village and crying blood… Damn, she’s so creepy and hot…

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