Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 25

Episode 25 of Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae, “Yuzuki”, begins from the end of the previous episode where Yuzuki finds her own skeletal body in her room. Yuzuki thinks this is all just an illusion cast by Ai, although I strongly suspect that Ai had nothing to do with Yuzuki’s disappearing existence, at least not directly. However, Ai may have something to do with Yuzuki starting to remember things immersively from when she was much smaller.



Yuzuki’s family used to be a very happy one, and we get to see a scene where the father gives a huge teddy bear to Yuzuki as an early birthday present (and a small bear keychain to the mother, Sayoko, as an extra). This all changes when the father gets into a traffic accident. The father was a bus driver, and the brakes didn’t work on that fateful day. The father did everything he could have reasonably done, but a bus is too heavy to stop easily without working brakes, and an incoming truck hit the bus at an intersection.

At least Yuzuki and her mother got to see the father before he died at the hospital, even if he never regained consciousness. But seeing the father die is not made any easier by family members of other victims blaming him for the crash, with Sayoko’s bear keychain being crushed in the process. At least the immediate reactions of the other family members are understandable given the situation, but what comes after is not. The official investigation into the bus crash concludes that there were no problems with the maintenance of the bus and puts all the responsibility of the bus crash on Yuzuki’s father, and the public laps it up and starts shunning Yuzuki and her mother. It’s made pretty clear that it wasn’t genuine sloppiness on the part of the investigators: the bus company made sure that they would not end up being blamed for the crash.


Almost no one is in any way friendly to Yuzuki and her mother Sayoko anymore, and in fact are downright hostile. There was one person who remained friendly, going as far as providing Sayoko with a part-time job, but even this ends when he reveals an ulterior motive and tries to seduce her. And her efforts to move away from the region are stymied as none of the relatives allow Yuzuki and her mother to stay with them. Things are not made any easier with Sayoko having a steadily worsening cough. The hospitals won’t even look at what’s wrong with her, and things get even worse when she starts coughing up blood. And no matter how much Yuzuki tries, she can’t get any help from anyone. The only person to show pure kindness to Yuzuki during the entire time was Akie, who gave Yuzuki a piece of candy when she found Yuzuki depressed by the riverbank. It made enough of an impression that Yuzuki kept the candy with the picture of her father.


Yuzuki and Sayako now spend days together in bed without even getting up to eat, with Yuzuki not going to school because of the constant bullying and her mother too sick to get out of bed. The situation is so bleak that Sayoko gathers the strength for her and Yuzuki to go to a temple, where she intends them to die together. She would have strangled Yuzuki to death if it were not for a couple of girls that appeared outside the building Yuzuki and herself were hiding in, but after the girls go away, Sayoko is too tired and dies on the spot. A nearby sakura tree suddenly blooms and drops a whole lot of petals, and Yuzuki buries her mother in a grave of sakura petals. Yuzuki’s eyes are now red, and with nothing else to do, Yuzuki heads home and goes to sleep, hugging the giant teddy bear from her father, never to wake up again.


Back in the present, Yuzuki now remembers what really happened and knows it’s not something made up by Ai. She soon finds herself and the Jigoku Tsushin gang transported to the gate to hell, where Yuzuki sees Akie with an outreached hand on the other side. Yuzuki is aware that it is only a shadow of Akie, but she still grabs Akie’s hand. The moment their hands touch, Ai disappears and Yuzuki becomes the new Jigoku Shoujo. Yuzuki is now fully accepting of what the Jigoku Shoujo does, thinking that the Jigoku Tsushin is needed for people like herself and her mother who has no one else to turn to. She also declares that she won’t be like Ai, that she would see to it that only justified grudges will be fulfilled.


Unlike Ai who had no choice but to be the Jigoku Shoujo, her assistants were always volunteers who may have had different motivations for helping Ai at the beginning but are now loyal to her. This is shown when only Wanyuudo decides to stick with the new Jigoku Shoujo. I suspect that Yuzuki’s condemnation of Ai is the reason Ichimokuren and Hone Onna decided not to stick around. Yamawaro would have stayed behind, being sympathetic to what had happened to Yuzuki and her mother (especially the mother, given what was revealed about Yamawaro in episode 17), but he was dragged away by Kikuri, who I think is very upset about not having become the new Jigoku Shoujo. At least Yuzuki gets another attendant in the form of Akie.

As Yuzuki eases into her new role as the Jigoku Shoujo, her first job starts soon enough, where the target is interestingly Mayama Azusa. I think the look on Azusa’s face is something to look forward to, when she discovers that there is now a different Jigoku Shoujo and who she is, not to mention who is by her side. It might not happen, but it would be a huge irony if she were to be taken to hell by Yuzuki and Akie.


Throughout the episode we saw Ai and Yamawaro watching what had happened to Yuzuki in the past. An obvious explanation would be that they were just watching Yuzuki relive her memories, but it could also be the case that they had actually travelled back in time. Or it could be that they had been watching Yuzuki in the past in the first place in anticipation of what would happen to Yuzuki. It does seem that Yamawaro may have been responsible for the sakura to have bloomed out of season, instead of just watching her memories: perhaps there is a more significant story to how Yamawaro recently joined up with Ai beyond him just being another supernatural entity that Ai managed to recruit.


As for Yuzuki, I suspect she will soon find out that she has no choice over which grudges get to be fulfilled, that Ai wasn’t simply taking requests mechanically out of her own choice. And her first job could get pretty messy: it might be the case that Akie’s father was also involved with the coverup in the bus crash investigation, putting all the blame on Yuzuki’s father, similar to what had happened to Mayama Azusa’s father as explained in episode 13. In fact, it was probably Akie’s father who was talking to the company chairman earlier in the episode about covering it up. I’m also pretty sure we haven’t seen the last of Enma Ai. On a side note, is Mikage Yuzuki now supposed to be Enma Yuzuki?

By Shounen A

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Whoa… mama…

Agreed. Ai’s disappearance was way too sudden to be the last of her, and the rest of the Jigoku Tsushin hardly reacted when it happened.

So, who could be the one holding the grudge on Asuza? The father just does not look like the kind that would even know of the Jigoku Tsushin (then again, we’ve seen weirder this season); what if it is someone Yuzuki would not want to give the doll to?

In either case, there is still something I don’t quite get. Yuzuki being bullied by the entire town? Check. Eyes turning red on the exact moment she would have felt the most hate and frustration? Check. Burning the entire town to smitereens so she can officially be condemned to hold Ai’s job? Still not happening. Are they telling us that hate is enough to condemn someone, even if you don’t act upon that hatred? Cuz if not so, that feels like Yuzuki still has one more step to take, and if that’s so, it is kinda scary. Maybe she’ll manipulate things to send Asuza to hell instead of just observing? What do you think?

I have no idea who is holding the grudge against Azusa.

As for Yuzuki not having burned the city down, it might be just different approaches hell might be taking for convincing a girl to be the Jigoku Shoujo: for Ai it was blackmail (“hold parents for your terrible crimes”), for Yuzuki it might be emotional breakdown. On the other hand, I have a feeling that simply making Yuzuki into the Jigoku Shoujo may not be Ai’s goal (I don’t think the rest of her gang are privy to it, though).

Oh and btw i love Yuzukis new kimono!!! RED! with flowers!!! lol im not that against of yuzuki being the new hell girl but i still think that Ai should be the jigoku shoujo. im also wondering where is Ai did she just die? also im wondering where the new “house” of the jigoku tsushin is? it looks like if they are in Yuzuki’s apartment. And, is Asuza the woman that sent Akie to hell? Cant wait for the next episode! hope its a really good finale and get to see more jigoku shoujo after that! hope they do a SEASON 4, imagine for season 4 Yuzuki being the hell girl!

It does look like Yuzuki is working out of her old apartment. She’s also has an computer upgrade, although I’m not quite sure if it’s a Mac. If it isn’t, it wouldn’t bode well for her career as the Jigoku Shoujo. ;)

Azusa is indeed the one who sent Akie to hell (I wonder what her memories of what happened looks like with Yuzuki edited out).

Shouldn’t be too hard to get used to Yuzuki being the official new Jigoku Shoujo.

BTW, “in the form of Akie”. So, that’s NOT Akie that’s currently with Yuzuki now? I’m confused about this. The real Akie is still in hell? That’s not fair :/

Hone Onna explicitly mentions that Akie’s soul is in hell and that the Akie that has appeared is just a guide. I’m not quite sure what this means: it could be that it’s only a shallow remnant of what was Akie, or it could be something else entirely that just looks like Akie for Yuzuki’s benefit.

Damn it, I said Yuzuki’s story would not be as justified/sad as Ai’s. It’s illogical to think the whole world would hate the wife and child of a bus driver even if the bus driver DID screw up.

If Yuzuki was killed by her mom, though it would have made more of an impact. Murder is always more emotional then illogical negligence. Try Ai: buried alive few hundred years ago THEN beaten to death few hundred years later. Also, both situations are more logical and sadder. Plus, Ai’s creepier and fits better. Yuzuki can’t beat that by a long shot… Oh, and her kimono is looking good. How come Ai never had that (except in season 2 Ending credits)? :(

I think hell’s standard for choosing a JS is: We have a really girl who died in a sad way, and she’s pissed off when she died. She fits the job perfectly!

Also, Ai just disappeared??? That’s it? No probation period? No handing over her Mac? Teaching her how to light and write names on candles? No more grandma? Nothing? No!!! :'(

P/S Thanks for telling me who’s Yuzuki’s newest target. I knew the name was something of significance because I can actually read the whole name!

I think this Akie is not the true Akie. Akie is in Hell, so this one is maybe the boss of Jigoku Shoujo (like the spider in season 1) who takes the form of Akie. Or, this Akie is like the parents of Aï in Season 1 (they was in hell and if Aï do a good job, they will be free). So, maybe yuzuki is Jigoku Shoujo in order to free Akie as well…
I’m impatient the see the next episode, and I think we’ll have a Season 4 with Yuzuki as Jigoku Shoujo. She will do more invesgation, with Wanyuudo, Akie, and maybe Yamawaro. I hope we’ll see Aï again !!

Interesting idea about Akie. I do hope that the “miracle” mentioned in the next episode’s title does indeed imply Yuzuki saving Akie somehow …

You know, I think it’s wishful thinking to have a 4th Season…

Even if there is, without Ai, the show’s never gonna be the same… :'(

I have a doubt…. Look at the end of the ending song : we see all the Jigoku Shoujo desappear and we see Enma Aï and yuzuki holding a red string. After, Yuzuki desapear… Maybe she won’t be able to be the Jigoku Shoujo because she don’t want to send everyone in hell…

This relates to one theory I have about Ai’s goals: she’s been sabotaging every other girl’s prospect of being a Jigoku Shoujo to defang the Jigoku Tsushin system, with Yuzuki being the last and toughest to crack. She’s so tough that she actually has to go through being the Jigoku Shoujo, but Ai’s machinations ensures that it’s subverted. If Yuzuki had become the Jigoku Shoujo without what Ai had shown her, she wouldn’t be so motivated to be discriminating in her jobs, which would potentially disqualify her.

Then again, this is just one theory. I have plenty of other theories about Ai’s goals that flat out contradict each other. ^_^;;

I can’t imagine what Yuzuki can answer to new clients (and also old Ai’s clients which will die soon) if they will ask about Ai. “Ai doesn’t work here anymore”, “She is retired”, “Why everybody is asking the same question?”, “Not your buisness, I’m ruling here now” )))

This chapter is strong. Yuzuki’s story even more tragic than Ai’s story – indifference is worse than grudge, and Yuzuki was absolutely defenseless. Transformation of Yuzuki was nice. Her voice is changed. Until this moment Ai and Yuzuki were as + and -, but now Yuzuki looks like Ai. Calm and cold-blooded girl, almost emotionless voice, short phrases. I think she could be a good HG. And as I understand Ai acted under restrictions, because she already commited her revenge. Yuzuki has more freedom – she can choose the grudges.

The most interesting part of this chapter – Ai’s co-workers. This little s-o-b Yamawaro knew the truth about Yuzuki from the begining and didn’t tell about this to others. I think he found Yuzuki as candidate. But I don’t understand – why he didn’t help to little Yuzuki? this yokai looks free in his actions (17 ep.)

Wanyudo is the most positive character of series. Ren’s and Anna’s work in this organization based on their personal loyality to Ai (she simply saved them) – they don’t wont to work for new HG, despite her hard situation. But Wanyudo has a mercy in his heart.

I don’t understand Kikuri’s role. In ep. 1 she appeared as little spyder – as I understand she is a doughter or grand-doughter of Ai’s master. Spoilt child, which has too much free time, as I understand their masters/parents´ permanent dream is to send her away from their eyes. In season 2 they used Jigoku Tsushin as kindergarden.

Wow one of the theories I read here is simply brilliant. I too think that Yuzuki will screw really quick for some reason, and Ai will be back as the only one qualified to be JS. I expect a grand finale with the last episode, and as far as I could understand without subtitles, at the preview of episode 26 Ai says “she still doesn’t know the truth” or something (referring to Yuzuki). So I wonder what that could be. I have a feeling that Ai wants Yuzuki to fail, I’m sooo curious. I noticed at the ending how Yuzuki disappears and Ai is the only one left, as if she is the only ultimate Hell Girl, destined to serve humanity forever; and I still want to know what happened to Hajime. It even seems Ren and Onna have teamed with Ai for some reason…

I have a theory that looks interesting :D
Akie’s father holds personal grudge against Azusa for sending his daughter to hell, and entered fer name in Jigoku Tsuushin. But by some coincidence he happens to be the chief executor or is in some way affiliated with the boss of the bus company that covered up the truth about the accident and thus is responsible for Yuzuki’s misfortune. It’s going to be very controversial if Yuzuki has to help the man who destroyed her life, the father of (probably) the only person she loves (Akie). She will be hesitating and since she is biased this will completely disqualify her and bring back Ai. ^^ I’m thinking too much, maybe. :P

The last episode airs today in Japan, I hope people will put it up really quick!! *thumbs up*

Quickly, comment the last eps! I won’t spoil anything here. Tell me what I missed!!! Watched some parts about 3 times now.

I admit, I almost cried in this episode.
The last remaining episodes in all seasons are all heart captivating.

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