Slayers Evolution-R 11


Episode 11 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Xeno: The Price of Resurrection”, begins with Pocota flying off to Taforashia with the Hellmaster’s Vase as at the end of the previous episode. Everyone else is chasing him, but they lose his trail once they enter the fog in Taforashia with the exception of Ozelle. Lina doesn’t worry too much about Pocota going ahead and resurrecting Rezo without them: she thinks Rezo will delay it on purpose because he can’t make up his mind whether to resurrect or not, something even Zelgadis had noticed. Gourry, who had managed to keep up with the rest on foot, even notes that Rezo’s confusion is similar to Ozelle’s contradictory attitude to the Hellmaster’s Vase, which she both wanted to protect and destroy.


Lina’s suspicion is proved correct when Rezo informs Pocota that there’s no use in hurrying, using the excuse that moonlight is required for his resurrection so that they would have to wait until night. It could true or just a fabricated reason, but in any case it would give Lina and the others enough time to catch up with Pocota. Ozelle does manage to catch up with Pocota much sooner than the others, and Ozelle gets to learn more about being human as Pocota talks about saving his people. Pocota also has another reason to revive Rezo: he really wants to know if Rezo is an evildoer like all the evidence points him to being, or whether there was any truth to the kind of person Pocota thought Rezo to be. High above them, Xellos does not seem to be in any hurry to collect the Hellmaster’s Vase and is content to let Pocota and Ozelle wait until night.

At nightfall, Lina and the rest are still lost among the streets of Taforashia, so Xellos shows up and kindly shows them the way to the temple, even opening the sealed gates for them. The fact that Xellos is helping them reach Pocota and the Hellmaster’s Vase confirms Lina’s suspicions that there might be something other than just Rezo’s soul contained in the vase, that Xellos wants the group around as insurance. Meanwhile, as Pocota and Ozelle are heading to the place for Rezo’s resurrection, Ozelle recalls a conversation with Rezo about humans and their emotions, and wonders what her own emotions are.


Lina and friends are trying to find the way to the chamber with all the hibernating residents of Taforashia, but they’re having a hard time because it’s a labyrinth inside the temple. But a huge stone block starts rolling towards them and has them running in panic: it might be a trap they triggered, but I suspect it’s Xellos nudging them on they way while having some fun at the same time. Elsewhere where Pocota has reached his body, Rezo warns him that there is no guarantee that the people of Taforashia would awaken even if Rezo is resurrected, but Pocota decides to do so anyway. It’s odd seeing Rezo being so honest, even admitting that a part of him wants himself to be resurrected. It has me inclined to think that Rezo doesn’t have anything sinister planned, not that it means something bad wouldn’t happen anyways.


When Pocota is ready to resurrect Rezo, however, Ozelle is having second thoughts about his resurrection. It doesn’t seem that she knows quite why she is so hesitant, but in any case Rezo’s resurrection is put on hold, so Xellos appears to take away the vase. Xellos is serious this time and fires a warning shot, but Lina and the others finally catch up after being chased by the killer stone block from hell. Lina tries to convince Pocota to hold off on resurrecting Rezo until they figure out what else is in the vase, but Pocota can’t wait a few more days to free his people who have been hibernating for years. Then again, Pocota has been obsessed with helping his people for years …

While Pocota is having his shenanigans with Lina and the others, Xellos approaches Ozelle and asks what she wants to do with Rezo. Xellos actually knows why Ozelle wants to both protect and destroy the vase, and even what might happen if Rezo is resurrected. In fact, Xellos doesn’t really care if Rezo is resurrected or not: resurrecting Rezo would just help confirm his hypothesis. So Xellos leaves the decision up to Ozelle. This has Ozelle thinking back to the human emotions she has witnessed so far, and she realizes that she really wants to see Rezo no matter what.


Ozelle gives the vase to Pocota, who throws down and breaks the vase in front of his body while Lina and others are watching despite their misgivings. This is the entirety of the resurrection ritual shown, which is a lot simpler than what one would have been led to believe with the mumbo-jumbo about ancient magic and what not in episode 9: Rezo must have previously setup all the necessary settings a long time ago. Rezo resurrects in his own form using Pocota’s body, and Ozelle is very happy to see him again in the flesh. But Ozelle soon deactivates, presumably with her job done, although not out of any malice from Rezo. And Rezo turns to face Lina, which must be an awkward moment considering the last time the two had faced each other.

Xellos has been acting rather oddly throughout the season: instead of just taking the Hellmaster’s Vase outright, he has let others play with it and even let its contents be resurrected. What is it about the Hellmaster’s Vase and Rezo’s soul that has attracted such attention from the Mazoku? Is there still a portion of the Demon Lord Shabranigdo lodged in Rezo’s soul, and if so, what do they want to do with it? Why doesn’t Xellos just take the vase by force? What catastrophe will be caused by this “other thing” that Lina suspects? And while I doubt Rezo is still so much obsessed with his blindness after his experience with death, I’m really curious: will Rezo be able to see?

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.