Slayers Evolution-R 9


Lina and friends finally get possession of the Hellmaster’s Vase with Rezo’s soul in episode 9 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Voice: What’s inside the vase?”, which starts with them leaving the graves of Abel and Radok, even though there’s no body for the latter. Pocota wants to be the official owner of the vase so that he can revive his hibernating people at Taforashia, whereas Zelgadis wants it so he can glean information that could help return his body to normal. To diffuse the conflict, Lina basically volunteers to be the official proprietor of the vase, which in turn means gaining the loyalty of Ozelle as a side effect.


Now that the matter of who is the official owner of the Hellmaster’s Vase is settled, Zelgadis demands that Rezo give him any information on the off-chance that there might be a response. Surprisingly, Rezo does respond and recognizes Zelgadis. The group needs to revive Rezo in order to get information properly, and Rezo seems to know how, mentioning black magic, white magic, and an ancient system of magic lost a long time ago, which would be used in part of a ritual to transfer his soul to another vessel the way Ozelle mentioned earlier in the episode. But Rezo doesn’t quite seem to have his wits about him with his existence as a soul in a jar, which just emphasizes the need to revive him to get any information. It might be the ancient system of magic that Rezo mentioned that may be of interest to the Mazoku.

Not having any other better leads, the group goes on various dangerous quests to defeat monsters and gather ingredients as directed by Rezo, which just knock the wind out of them each time when they learn the ingredients are for cooking some particular dish. After several such quests, depicted in a comic manner, the group complains about the Rezo’s apparent senility, with Rezo still trying to talk like a wise sage. This is noticed by a member of a group of bandits, who immediately goes to his boss and convinces him that the group has a valuable vase worth robbing.


Bandit busting is Lina’s specialty, and the attack by the bandits would be a good chance for Lina to vent her frustrations from Rezo’s apparent senility, not to mention doubts whether the vase actually contains Rezo’s soul. Even though the bandits manage to steal away the vase (Ozelle included; there’s no way lowly bandits could get Ozelle away from the vase, and they’re lucky that it doesn’t even occur to Ozelle to fight them), Lina and friends indeed curbstomp the bandits once they find Ozelle and the Hellmaster’s Vase missing. The bandit leader knows a bit of magic and creates a bunch of replicas of the vase, which would be useful if Ozelle wasn’t holding the real Hellmaster’s Vase. But Ozelle drops the real Hellmaster’s Vase to the chagrin of everyone, the bandits and Lina et al. alike.


This is enough for Lina’s building frustrations to boil over, and Lina starts relieving her stress by breaking all of the fake vases. But when Lina is about the break the real vase, Ozelle grabs it and stops Lina from breaking it. Breaking the vases was not just a stress reliever, but it was also a way for Lina to force Ozelle to find the vase for them. At sunrise, with Lina about to relive more of her bandit busting days, Rezo speaks to the bandits through Ozelle about love and other sappy sayings, which moves the bandits enough to want to reform. In fact, the vase helps a blind boy regain his sight, and the dishes that Lina and friends were forced to prepare earlier turns out to be healing remedies that help cure sickness among the townfolk.

The events this episode showed that Rezo’s soul is indeed in the Hellmaster’s Vase, that he is still in possession of some of his faculties, and that Rezo was indeed a basically good and wise person. I’m waiting for his bad side to manifest sooner or later, though. With no way to immediately revive Rezo, Lina and friends start heading back to Taforashia. And their attempts to learn about the necessary ancient system of magic for Rezo’s revival will have to start from scratch. The episode ends with Rezo talking to Ozelle, though, indicating that Rezo may have just been yanking the chain of Lina and company, whether as part of amusing payback or because he doesn’t want to reveal how much awake he is yet. It was still amusing to see Ozelle speaking for Rezo, especially what he said about Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadis.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.