Slayers Evolution-R 12


After having been resurrected in the previous episode, Rezo reverts his new body to its original form of Posel Corba Taforashia in the beginning of episode 12 of Slayers Evolution-R, “Yesterdays memory: The days regained”. And Ozelle’s function was indeed the protection of the Hellmaster’s Vase and Rezo’s resurrection, which is why she has now deactivated. This was not due to any malice on Rezo’s part, although he may have set things up differently in the past if he had realized how emotionally human Ozelle would eventually become. There is something about Rezo that makes Xellos withdraw, however.


The implications of Rezo’s resurrection is far from an immediate concern for Pocota, of course, who is most eager to have his people awoken from their hibernation. One might worry that Rezo has some sinister plan woven with their awakening, or even kill them all for some nefarious purpose, but there’s no such surprise. Rezo wholeheartedly helps the people of Taforashia, not only waking them up from their hibernation, but also helping out with what forced them into hibernation in the first place by helping cure the Durano disease. He even seems to regain a modicum of respect back from Zelgadis. And unlike ten years ago, Amelia is instrumental in getting aid to Taforashia from Seyroon and other countries and making sure it actually gets there. I wonder where she kept the pigeon all this time, though …

Eventually all of the previously hibernating residents of Taforashia are cured of the Durano sickness and everyone is happy. And no doubt Seyroon has atoned for its failure to help Taforashia in the past and has gained a loyal ally. The only one that still has a problem is Pocota, who has decided not to reveal himself because he is no longer in his own body. He is still quite happy with how things turned out, especially when a little girl recognizes him as the doll which helped everyone. Overall it’s a happy ending, or it would be if it were not for a very disturbing thing about Rezo: not once has he opened his eyes even after having gained a new body, and this is a very, very bad sign considering why he was blind in the first place.


As Rezo watches the people of Taforashia celebrating from afar, Lina and Gourry decide to confront him, shortly after being joined by Xellos. What Lina wants is to find out what Rezo wants from her and to confirm her theory about the odd behavior of Ozelle and Xellos around the Hellmaster’s Vase. And of course Lina has not missed the fact that Rezo has not opened his eyes yet, making her pretty sure that Shabranigdo is still part of Rezo. This is firmly confirmed by Xellos when even his most powerful attacks don’t even touch Rezo.


This explains the odd reluctance from Ozelle and Rezo about his resurrection, as it would also imply the resurrection of the Demon Lord Shabranigdo. It also explains the lukewarm actions of Xellos regarding the Hellmaster’s Vase and why Lina allowed Rezo to be resurrected: simply destroying the vase might end up with the resurrection of Shabranigdo anyways, while hiding away the vase would just delay the resurrection. And Lina trusts Rezo not to repeat the previous mistake when he resurrected Shabranigdo, where he was swallowed up by the Demon Lord after a brief glimpse of sight. As for Xellos, there really wasn’t a right course of action concerning the Hellmaster’s Vase, which is why he was content to keep it in sight just in case the power of Shabranigdo were to be subjugated by a human or even the gods.


When Lina asks what Rezo wants, however, he reveals that he is still obsessed with sight. He cites the examples of Joconda’s greed, Deucriss’ anger, and Zuma’s madness for how Shabranigdo draws a person into darkness, obviously implying something similar with himself. He fulfills a lifelong desire and opens his eyes, being joyful at how he can see the world, but simply seeing is no longer enough. Rezo wants to see a very special sort of light once again, one that can only be provided by Lina with her magic drawing upon the power of the Lord of Nightmares, and he awakens the power of Shabranigdo to force Lina to annihilate him.

Whatever can be said about Rezo, he certainly knows what he wants, and for better or worse, he does whatever it takes to get it even if it’s at the price of his own life. He might not be utterly self-absorbed, otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered to help Taforashia, but he’s still very self-centered. Or maybe the people of Taforashia are just supposed to be additional incentive for Lina to cast the Giga Slave? I do wonder if this is a smokescreen for a suicide that would guarantee the elimination of his portion of Shabranigdo which might otherwise free itself eventually, with the added side benefit of seeing the world and a very special sort of light. At least I hope Rezo doesn’t take Pocota’s body with him. I’m also not sure if Xellos likes the way things are going …

By Shounen A

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