Slayers Evolution-R 13


Shabranigdo is beginning to revive in the beginning of thirteenth and final episode of Slayers Evolution-R, “Zero Hour: The one that destructs!”, after Rezo opened his eyes using Pocota’s body. But Rezo’s primary goal is not to regain his sight or even revenge against Lina: with the fragment of Shabranigdo intertwined with his own soul, it would only be a matter of time before Shabranigdo revived anyways, so Rezo intended to be resurrected with Lina around, the only person alive who has a record of defeating Shabranigdo. Being able to see again for a while is just a side benefit.

I wondered how Xellos would take this turn of events: the resurrection of the Demon Lord Shabranigdo would be a good thing for the Mazoku. This is answered soon enough as Shabranigdo gains control over Rezo and resurrects, which is when Xellos launches a powerful attack against the Demon Lord, hoping that the moment when Shabranigdo gains control over Rezo would be when it’s at its weakest. The attack is completely ineffective, however, and Xellos barely manages to teleport Lina and others away when Shabranigdo releases a huge explosion, which damages him enough that he can’t even maintain his human form completely.


There is a reason why Xellos and the rest of the Mazoku do not want Shabranigdo to be resurrected: it’s not really Shabranigdo. It’s the ghost of the Demon Lord, in many ways similar to Gaav, the Mazoku Lord whose soul had merged with that of a human. Gaav had ended up becoming a threatening enemy against the Mazoku, and considering the abnormal way that Rezo and Shabranigdo have been resurrected, not to mention how much more powerful Shabranigdo is, the Shabranigdo in front of the group is even worse for the Mazoku. This is why Xellos wanted Lina around, in case her Giga Slave becomes the only option for defeating the ghost of Shabranigdo.

Upon hearing about the Giga Slave, Pocota is eager for Lina to cast the spell and wonders why she didn’t cast it earlier, unaware of how dangerous the spell is. He is quickly educated and learns that a miscast of the Giga Slave could end up destroying the world. Meanwhile, the rest of the people of Taforashia are trying to figure out what is going on, whom Lina and the others manage to convince to evacuate the area. However, Shabranigdo has approached the group in the meantime, and the king of Taforashia has to be dragged away by his real son when he notices his son’s body in the middle of Shabranigdo (not that the king knows that it’s the Demon Lord at this point).

Everyone (one person appears twice, another only looks like it)

A whole lot of giant tentacle monsters emerge from Shabranigdo, which Lina and the others barely manage to fend off. And things get a whole lot worse when Shabranigdo releases a wave of destruction that devastates most of Taforashia. In desperation, Pocota casts the Dragon Slave against Shabranigdo, which is completely useless as a destructive spell as expected. However, Lina notices that the Dragon Slave has an effect: drawing upon the power of Shabranigdo, it also steals power from the tentacle monsters and makes them inert. This inspires a new plan for Lina: she and Pocota will use the Dragon Slave to open a path to Shabranigdo, and once they arrive, Lina would use the Ragna Blade.


Putting their plan in motion, Lina and Pocota make way by spamming the Dragon Slave left and right. But the strain of continuously casting the Dragon Slave is great on Lina, making it uncertain whether she would be able to cast the Ragna Blade when the time comes. The question becomes moot when Shabranigdo fires off a counterblast against the group. Xellos barely manages to block it, but now he’s out of the fight. The same goes for Pocota, who has lost his ears in the blast. What’s worse is that they are now surrounded by a field of molten rock, cutting off the approach for an attack with the Ragna Blade. Despite the desperate situation, Lina is still reluctant to cast the Giga Slave, fearful of drawing her friends into the Sea of Chaos, not to mention the risk of destroying the entire world.


The rest of the group who are still standing try to protect Lina, but Amelia, Zelgadis, and Gourry all eventually fall, with the replica Sword of Light ending up destroyed. Pocota asks Xellos to teleport him elsewhere for him to do the only thing left that he could do, which turns out to be using a spare Hellmaster’s Vase nearby and breaking it to release his soul from the doll he had been occupying. With no options left, Lina starts to cast the Giga Slave, and with Pocota rejoining his body to temporarily subdue Shabranigdo, she has enough time to successfully cast the Giga Slave and destroy the ghost of Shabranigdo.

In the aftermath, the group is mourning the loss of Pocota, who as a mere human could obviously not survive direct contact with the Demon Lord Shabranigdo, only to be surprised as a cheerful Pocota appears again in his doll body. It was Rezo that helped Pocota survive, and this final act of good from Rezo must have been uplifting for Pocota, although he annoys Lina by not telling. Even better, the people of Taforashia got enough clues to realize that Pocota the doll is their prince Pocota, Posel Corba Taforashia. Zelgadis also seems to have resolved his issues with Rezo. And the episode ends with Lina and friends heading off to find a new sword for Gourry, with the happy aftermath being shown as the ending credits roll.


Slayers Revolution and Slayers Evolution-R were nice bones for those that have watched previous seasons of Slayers, with all the references to other elements in the Slayers franchise. Even Gaav turned out to be tangentially relevant to the story, leaving only Valgaav as the red herring among the quadruple of old enemies that appear in the opening. I really enjoyed the seasons overall, although they may have just been an ordinary fantasy anime to those with no prior experience with Slayers, or even terrible to those who had high expectations.

By Shounen A

伝説の少年A. The Legendary Boy A. The counterpart of Konata Izumi from Lucky Star, he is an otaku of legendary reputation whose tastes foretell the rise and fall of anime series. Or not.