Eden of the East

Having watched the final television episode of Eden of the East, my opinion is that it was a cool anime with intrigue in every episode fueling tons of speculation. Unfortunately, much of the speculations will remain so within the confines of the television series; one would be sorely disappointed if one expects that most of the big mysteries would be explained. Fortunately, the conclusion of the television series ends with a satisfying conclusion for a major premise of the show, Careless Monday, the missile attacks that had befell Japan shortly before the start of the show.

Eden of the East

The show had plenty of colorful characters, not the sort that would make me hate the show but rather made me like it. And their motivations and actions are reasonably believable, with no annoyingly stubborn pursuer of justice nor purely evil-doer pursuing destruction for destruction’s sake. Not that there are no people who do things for stupid reasons, but there are such people in the real world as well. There are also hints of bigger mysteries beneath the mysteries that were supposedly explained during the show. Eden of the East is even a sort of social commentary about modern Japan, for those who find this their sort of thing.

Normally, I would rate a show extremely poorly if major mysteries that make up the point of the show were to remain mysteries. This would apply to Eden of the East, but I don’t rate it poorly. For one thing, a central plotline is wrapped up nicely. For another, there is not one, but two movies coming out for Eden of the East: “The King of Eden” coming out on November 28, and “Paradise Lost” coming out in January next year. It’s going to be a long wait before we learn what our favorite prince ends up doing …

Information about movies for Eden of the East

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yep… it was a good ride… although I was disappointed at some parts, the series was very enjoyable.

It’s going to suck trying to remember all the little details from the show once the movies come out, but I know I’ll still be chomping at the bit to watch them the moment they’re subbed.

major mysteries that make up the point of the show were to remain mysteries.
=== oh it’s so annoying when that happens! Also cliffhangers at the end of the series! Uuuugghhh . . . .

but overall it had been really amazing for me! I love this series =D

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