One year

The first post

Huh. I just realized it’s exactly one year since I started this blog. Starting its life on Blogger with the first post about episode 10 of Macross Frontier, it had moved to a WordPress-based installation sometime in September last year. And after a year of existence, it’s still being regularly updated. Who would have thunk?

I would like to think my writing has improved a lot during the time, but reading past posts, it doesn’t seem like the writing style has changed drastically. I seemed to have lost the art of asking a bunch of speculative questions at the end of each post, though. At least I’ve learned the value of proof-reading.

The blog was started in the middle of an anime series. So I’m strongly tempted to write summaries for episodes 1 to 9 of Macross Frontier just for the sake of completeness. One of these days …

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  1. Congrats fellow Paradiso watcher! =D btw, I like how your blog has that cool disappearing trick with the “reply, quote” button. Just wanted you to know =3

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